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It has been a while since ÉCU wrote an article about actors and actresses, so we‘re fixing this mistake by dedicating this week‘s spotlight to Nathalie Kay Hedren  (better known as Tippi Hedren), who is not only an American actress, but also a former fashion model and an animal rights activist.

THE BIRDS (1963)Tippi Hedren  was born in New Ulm in  Minnesota (USA) in 1930‘s. Started her career as a fashion model, THE BIRDS (1963) was the first Hedren’s screen debut directed by Alfred Hitchcock. World-known filmmaker became her drama coach and gave her a first education in filmmaking as she attended many of the production meetings such as script, music or photography conferences. T.Hedren said, “I probably learned in three years what it would have taken me 15 years to learn otherwise.“ A.Hitchcock was full of praise for his new protégé and compared her to Grace Kelly.

MARNIE (1964)After a great success in the first movie, A.Hitchcock decided to offer her the leading title role of his next film, MARNIE (1964). MARNIE is a romantic drama and psychological thriller based on the novel written by Winston Graham. T.Hedren called MARNIE as her favorite of the two films she did with A.Hitchcock, even though the film was greeted by mixed reviews and received no Oscar nominations.

As years went by, it was more and more difficult for T.Hedren to stay in the same room with A.Hitchcock.  In 1966, he finally sold her contract to Universal Studios after she refused to appear on a television western show. When journalist asked her about working with  A.Hitchcock, T.Hedren shortly answered: “He ruined my career, but he didn’t ruin my life.”.

The ghost of whaleSo life went on and in 1968, she returned to film industry. After taking parts in different TV showsin  early 1990s, Tutti Hedren appeared in many television films like RETURN TO GREEN ACRES (1990), THROUGH THE EYES OF A KILLER (1992), and TREACHEROUS BEAUTIES (1994) where she was positively evaluated by critics. In 2013, exactly fifty years after THE BIRDS, T.Hedren returned to Bodega to shoot a film called THE GHOST AND THE WHALE (2015).

Once Tippi Hedren said: „I didn’t think any amount of money was worth something that would take away what you believed in or what you stood for.“. So follow your dreams and believe in yourself!

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