Spotlight: James Ivory

Before I begin recanting his extraordinary life and career, I would firstly like to thank James Ivory for  single-handedly ending my quarter-life crisis. For, like many in their early twenties, I spent a long time feeling utterly lost, only too aware of the milestones I had not yet completed by 23. However, after achieving his […]

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Movie Review: Don’t Breathe.

It’s always satisfying to see when a low-budget movie is smashing the box office from its first day of release. DON’T BREATHE has no big stars, no fancy location and was made on a small budget, yet it surprised everyone. Although there is no clear recipe to success, like baking a cake, it always helps […]

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Spotlight: The Safdie Brothers

A pink glow reflects on Connie’s freshly bleached hair and neon blue spills out of an open refrigerator. Gritty, shocking, and spellbinding. 80’s nostalgia set against a New York City backdrop. Good Time: it’s the film that makes every minute more captivating than the last. To quote Stanley Kubrick, “A film is – or should […]

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  It’s impossible to talk about UK independent film directors without at least mentioning Shane Meadows’ film “This is England”. It is considered as one of the best UK independent films and is basically compulsory viewing if you consider yourself British. In fact, the film was so successful that three television sequels were made, each […]

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ÉCU On-The-Road takes on Prague!

  ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is heading to Prague to share some of the World’s best independent films from upcoming talents with our Czech friends. ÉCU On-The-Road’s debut in Prague will take place on the 12th of October 2017 and is hosted by the prestigious Prague Film School, which is one of […]

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ÉCU On-The-Road prend route à Prague!

  ÉCU – Le Festival de Film Européen Indépendant atterrit à Prague afin de partager quelques-uns de ses meilleurs films indépendants du monde crées par les nouveaux talents, avec nos amis Tchèques. Le début de ÉCU On-The-Road aura lieu à Prague, le 12 Octobre 2017 et sera parrainé par la prestigieuse École de Film de […]

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Spotlight – Michel Gondry

Français   Do you like Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind? Then you will surely like the guy behind that awesome movie! A multitalented man whose music video works are also ultra cool, an indie innovator, we present you Michel Gondry!   The man who was born in Versaille, 8 May 1963 is a French film […]

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Français   As The European Independent Film Festival, ÉCU never stops encouraging all independent filmmakers in every corner of the world. That’s why, this Friday Spotlight is about a man whose independent spirit leads him to a great success. Mark Ruffalo, whose bio on Twitter is «I’m a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change […]

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Spotlight – Joe Wright

Français     This week’s spotlight highlights the director who brought everyone’s favorite Jane Austen novel to life in 2005. Joe Wright is a British film director known for the films ANNA KARENINA, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, and ATONEMENT.                                     […]

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Spotlight – Alice Rohrwacher

Français This weeks spotlight focuses on a – despite her last name – young Italian writer and director, whose latest film will open in French theatres next week. LE MERAVIGLIE (The wonders / Les marvelleis) is not new to the French public. Last year, Rohrwacher was the first Italian woman to win a Cannes Grand […]

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Spotlight – Ava DuVernay

Français Awards season is in full swing and all of Hollywood is abuzz with their predictions for who will win. Today, we’ll be taking a look at someone who has been receiving a lot of praise for her indie work this year: Ava DuVernay. You may know her for directing and co-writing SELMA (2014), but […]

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Where Do Lilacs Come From – a new submission to ÉCU 2015!

“Where Do Lilacs Come From” a film by Matthew Thorne, is a new submission to ÉCU 2015 into Student Film category. A story told through the eyes of an Alzheimers sufferer as he desperately tries to put together the pieces of his past.

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Spotlight – Bernardo Bertolucci

Français This week we want to draw your attention to an Italian film director and screenwriter, Bernardo Bertolucci. He is famous for several films such as THE CONFORMIST, LAST TANGO IN PARIS, 1900,THE LAST EMPEROR, THE SHELTERING SKY AND THE DREAMERS. He was born in Parma, Italy, in 1940. His father was a poet, art […]

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Spotlight: Alex Ross Perry

Français Some have described him as the new Woody Allen, another magazine simply declared “Alex Ross Perry is not an asshole,” to which he promptly replied that that was just one person’s opinion. Sarcastic and funny, but also thoughtful and full of well-oriented ideas, Perry first became interested in cinema and directing during high school […]

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