The Romanian Festival, founded in 2005 by the “Artis Foundation” film production, is the only international film festival that, from the very beginning, dared to be different by looking towards  the Black Sea region’s film industry. The festival has grown every year and become noticed abroad due to the quality of the submitted movies as well […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Chris Marker- the controversial director

This week the spotlight is on Chris Marker, a French avant-garde director known for his controversial documentaries, who has just died at the age of 91. He steered away from the conventional norms of Hollywood cinema and opted for an experimental approach to his filmmaking. He was the innovator of the essay film, a now […]

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ÉCU Saturday Q&A

It’s question and answer time now that the screening is finished! You’ve watched the film, we know you have questions. This is the time to do it! The skys the limit and the chance is now. Watch this fabulous session and have all your questions answered!

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ÉCU’s Media Partner: The New Current

ÉCU’s media partner, The New Current is a website that offers a fresh stream of student media and is currently running a series of interviews with the student filmmakers who have been shortlisted in the student category of the ÉCU 2012 Film Festival! This interview features the director of ‘Goldfish Love’, Elin Gronblom, so check […]

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Who Am I

Meet some of the filmmaking faces of ÉCU 2011 as they introduce their films and what is was that inspired them to make their way into the world of independent cinema. Rencontrez quelques uns des cinéastes d’ÉCU 2011 dans cette video, où ils introduisent leurs oeuvres et dévoilent ce qui les a inspirés de se […]

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Let’s Go Ride A Couch (moviemaker.com)

Rhett and Burke Lewis giving couch-rides at the Cinequest Festival. (Source:www.moviemaker.com) What an amazing article, this is a PERFECT guide on how to promote your film on the festival circuit! The European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU), in partnership with G-Technology by Hitachi, will be held from 12-14 March at Cinéma Le Grand Action and Theatre […]

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