Our work is done here at Cinéma Action Christine for ÉCU 2013! We closed out with ÉCU firsts in the Grande Salle and another round of top-notch independent films in the Petite Salle. The great thing about small theaters is the opportunity it presents for intimate screenings and the promotion of a real community environment.

That definitely translated this afternoon when we were able to talk with Heedye Koren, Tobias S Hoffman, and Iria Lopez, the directors of The Apple’s Fault, Brainside: A Stroke of Fate, and Jamón, respectively. Tobias spoke to us about his visions of blending art and science, the softspoken Iria talked about how thrilling it was to having this student project of hers come so far, and Heeyde tried not to talk about the trials and tribulations of making The Apples Fault, it was such a stressful process!

But the one thing that these filmmakers all had to say was this: young film-makers, keep making films! If you’ve got a story to tell, don’t stop at anything until it gets told.

We may be wrapping up here for ÉCU 2013, but Monday starts the search for the official selection of ÉCU 2014 – your film could be next!

Thanks to everyone that came out to see films and attend workshops at Action Christine, and we can’t wait to see you back next year!



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