The official denouement of the summer season’s ubiquitous, languorous heat sundry outdoor revelries that is inevitably marked by the foray of the first autumnal month, hardly betokens the diminuendo in culturally rich and artistically plentiful activities that pack the Parisian social calendar to the brim. Take a look below to get to know the endless enjoyments in which to immerse yourself this September.

Braderie de Lille – 2 – 3 September – Lille

To begin this month’s merriments, why not venture out of Paris by travelling to the northern French city of Lille and diving into the bustling environment of one of the most famous street fairs in Europe. Attracting several million attendees and tens of thousands of vendors, the annual flea market that covers a colossal area of the city offers buyers and strollers an overwhelming assortment of bargain items to gaze at and nab, from antique furniture to bedroom fittings. This year’s edition of the long-running, historic Braderie is set to be one of the biggest gatherings yet, with Lille planning to make its attempt to gain a Guinness Book of World Record title by being the city that eats the most mussels: a whopping 500 tonnes in only 48 hours. Head over to the legendary fair and see for yourself why year after year, visitors just can’t keep stay away.

Smmmile à la Villette – 15 – 17 September – Parc de la Villette

Truly an offspring of the millennial generation’s fiercely particular affinities for everything from food to music, the third week of the month will see teenagers and young adults alike flock to Northern Paris’s Parc de la Villette to what can be described at the capital’s only ‘vegan pop festival’. Staving of the blues in anticipation of the onset of the looming school and college semester, Smmmile à la Villette offers an opportunity for electronic music lovers to congregate for one final hurrah before the summer revelries official reach a close. One of the festival’s main attractions is its promotion of healthy living and good food by stationing food trucks as well as offering cooking workshops and conventions which all specialise exclusively in vegan food. Undoubtedly, its other main attraction of cutting-edge electro music is certain not to let the festival’s music lovers down. This year’s line-up includes Icelandic electro-pop collective FM Belfast, fun pop group Requin Chagrin and DJ Moscoman – to find out more about the highly-anticipated event, click here.

Fête de l’Humanité – 15 – 17 September – Parc Georges-Valbon

In order satiate your intellectual and political curiosities this month, head over to Saint-Denis’s ecologically rich landscape of Parc Georges-Valbon to take part in one of Paris’s premier humanitarian festivals, offering an innumerable assortment of musical, literary and cultural events over the course its jam-packed three-day period. One of the most eagerly awaited events of the ‘la rentrée’ period in and around the country’s capital, the stimulating and socially aware focus of its art exhibitions, political debates, concerts and more attracts a diverse flock of around 600,000 visitors yearly – from staunch political enthusiasts to vaguely socially-interested individuals, literary lovers, music-fans and people just want to be immersed in a passionate environment. The accessibility of the event is ensured by its prices which are consistently kept low – a three day pass is only €35 – in stark contrast to other festivals. To find out more about the dynamic event, click here!

Paris Design Week – 8 – 16 September – Various Venues Across Paris

The capital’s premier design event returns to a slate of cultural institutions across the city this year for its sixth edition of illuminating art-oriented events. A mammoth 180 exhibition spaces and cultural venues bustling with curious design-enthusiasts, art-lovers and food-fans will showcase the best in pioneering home design, art, fashion and gastronomy. The city-wide cultural event – itself an addendum to the well-established MAISON & OBJET trade fair – considers one of its principle objects to be the discovery and promotion of fledging talent in the domain of home design. It assuredly affords this goal its upmost efforts by securing such renowned institutes as La Maison Rouge and the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature as some of the impressive stages on which the year’s most widely talked about and admired collections will be displayed. The free-of-charge event is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most fruitful breeding grounds for the stimulation of creative energies, collaboration between proactive artists and networking between hundreds of enthusiasts within the thriving field.

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