Spotlight: Reed Morano

  Directed by veteran cinematographer Reed Morano, Hulu’s new original series The Handmaid’s Tale is a masterwork of television adaptation. Elegant and disquieting, it’s the perfect crystallization of Margaret Atwood’s dystopia: a near-future America, renamed Gilead, whose population is dying out and whose religious fundamentalist government has forced society’s remaining fertile women (handmaids) to work […]

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  Described as South Korea’s most cerebral filmmaker, Hong Sang-soo is one of the pioneers of the Korean New Wave Cinema that emerged in the late ‘90s. Stylistically, he is close to another independent film auteur, Jim Jarmusch. Despite the slower pace of Hong’s camera movements, he manages to completely absorb us in a tapestry […]

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  Jeffrey Jacob “J.J.” Abrams was born on the east coast of the United States in New York City on 27 June 1966 but was raised on the west coast in Los Angeles with his parents and sister, Tracy Rosen. His mother, Carol Ann Abrams, was an executive producer, his father, Gerald W. Abrams, was […]

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Spotlight: Lisa Cholodenko

  It is true. There are more male than female directors in film. However, what will always remain undeniable and unchangeable is that the sex of a director has nothing to do with what makes a director valuable. He or she has to have a strong vision and passion for film. In order to bring […]

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Spotlight: Vera Chylitová

  Innovative artist, idiosyncratic filmmaker, revolutionary cultural figurehead. Vera Chytilová ingeniously fuses French New Wave with Italian neorealism, embodies an obstinate rebelliousness that gets her banned by the Czechoslovak government, employs her austere Catholic upbringing to jar audiences with unflinching philosophical questions and triumphantly leaves an eternal mark on world cinema with a simply profound […]

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Born in London, England, Lucy Walker is an Emmy-award winning film director who consistently delivers emotionally compelling nonfiction. She has a distinct talent to enable her subjects’ stories to deeply connect with her audiences. Walker is best known for directing the documentaries Devil’s Playground (2002), Blindsight (2006), Waste Land (2010), Countdown to Zero (2010), and The Crash Reel (2002). She is a member of The […]

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  When Barry Jenkins presented a PowerPoint to a group of producers outlining his vision for Moonlight (2016), the final slide said the following: “Moonlight is a story that hasn’t been told. Whether placed as queer black cinema or urban male cinema, the lack of coming-of-age films featuring people like Chiron and set in places […]

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  If Hollywood had to nominate a Renaissance man, Viggo Mortensen would be at the top of the list. The versatile Danish-American actor is also a poet, a painter, a photographer, a musician, and a fluent speaker of five languages. He’s had his photography featured in expositions around the world, released over a dozen spoken […]

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Spotlight: Pablo Larraín

  Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín has long been considered one of the country’s leading figures in national cinema. Since the mid-2000s, he has ceaselessly reinvigorated Latin American cinema through his neoteric perspectives and rich cultural authenticity in examination of his country’s tumultuous political history, creating a damningly fresh and unyieldingly honest cinematic experience. Larraín’s piercingly […]

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Spotlight: Lynne Ramsay

  Glaswegian filmmaker Lynne Ramsay’s uniquely poetic and powerfully personal directorial style – involving arresting images, vivid details and evocative sound productions that lack the frequent dialogue and explicit storylines of conventional films –  sensitively and adeptly portrays her intensely recurring themes of sorrow, guilt and death. Through the lens of children and young people, […]

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Spotlight: Anne Fontaine

  Since the 1980s, Luxembourg-born film director, screenwriter and former actress Anne Fontaine has risen to dizzying directorial heights by cementing herself as one of the most influential cinematic figures in modern French cinema. Over the decades, her wide variation of intensely provocative and poignantly whimsical films have shifted from lightly droll comedies to darkly […]

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  Since the late 1990s, Oscar-nominated American documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus has directed and produced a succession of internationally renowned, socially-concerned feature length and short documentaries that explore diverse subject matter – from the entertainment industry to the American judicial system and religious terrorism – that is characterized by a poignant sentimentality, sharp sincerity and […]

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Spotlight: Hannah Fidell

American film director, producer and screenwriter Hannah Fidell has directed a succession of coming-of-age films characterized by the mental degradation and self-destruction of protagonists in crisis. Their dysfunctional relationships and trying predicaments are imbued with a stark realism that render them deeply relatable yet wholly subversive, highlighting the weighty notions of illicit love, domestic violence […]

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Spotlight: Pedro Almodóvar

  Pedro Amodóvar Caballero, one of Spain’s most prolific film directors, producers and screenwriters has managed to yield – over his tremendous forty-year career – strikingly consistent critical and commercial success, as well as an intensely dedicated cult-following that only a figure of his directorial prowess and catalogue of cinematic excellence could maintain. His films […]

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Spotlight: François Ozon

  François Ozon has been producing highly transgressive and idiosyncratic films back-to-back, roughly once a year since the late 1990s. His eclectic catalogue varies from comical and satirical works like Sitcom (1998) and 8 Women (2002), to dark yet spiritedly mischievous films like In the House (2012) and the mysterious and beguiling Young & Beautiful […]

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Spotlight: Andrea Arnold

  What differentiates Andrea Arnold’s directorial abilities from those of her contemporaries is not an innovative portrayal of unconventional subject manner that delves into the world of the non-human and the unknown, as exhibited by present-day directors trailblazing the popularized trends of futuristic sci-fi films or vampire and werewolf folkloric storylines. Arnold’s prowess is in […]

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Spotlight: Anton Yelchin

Anton Yelchin’s sudden death in a freak accident involving asphyxiation after being crushed by his car at his home in California is as tragic and unexpected as the recent passing of numerous astonishingly talented actors – Philip Seymour Hoffman in 2014, Paul Walker in 2013 and Heath Ledger in 2008. His passing also places him […]

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Spotlight: Matteo Garrone

Matteo Garrone was born on October 15, 1968 in Rome in a family of artists: his father is a theatre critic and his mother a photographer. Although he has been making feature films since 1996—Terra di mezzo (1996), Guests (Ospiti) (1998), Roman Summer (Estate romana) (2000), L’imbalsamatore (The Embalmer) (2002), and First Love (Primo amore) […]

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