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After the thrilling merriments last month’s 12th edition of ÉCU, the team here at our offices decided that they were not quite yet ready to wind down from the memories of the festival’s revelries. We decided to capitalised on the scorching summer weather finally gracing us by taking our annual trip to the Cannes Film Festival – the sensational pinnacle of the month of May here at ÉCU.

The perfect follow-up to the festivities of ÉCU 2017, we wasted no time in promoting ÉCU 2018 by travelling to the country’s southern region in order to launch our call for submissions for the 13th edition of the European Independent Film Festival. We sauntered down the sun-doused Promenade de la Croisette, revelled in the fresh summer breeze and mingled with other cinema lovers who all congregated to the famous resort town in order to celebrate the best in world film.

ÉCU’s excursion to Cannes proved to be a great success: in large part as Creative Europe MEDIA – a large umbrella organisation that aims to support European cultural and creative sectors including the film industry – kindly afforded us a place at their marvellous European Pavilion. This facilitated our wonderful encounters with many talented and motivated directors in the festival’s Short Film Corner with whom we networked, laughed, drank and danced.

We also attended the festival’s perspicuous International T3 Panel & Screening Series during which industry veterans – including our very own festival president Scott Hillier – inspiringly and informatively discussed the nature of the creative freedom which exists in indie cinema and the financial logistics, akin to that of the big studios, which is necessary to keep indie filmmaking thriving.

In addition to the jollities of Cannes, we have continued to strengthen our international partnerships and further our goal of making new friends and connections. We are delighted to announce that during the 12th edition of ÉCU, we formed a partnership with Craft Film Festival Barcelona! The festival burst onto the film scene with its first edition this year, proving itself to be a great success. We are happy to be their partner in the years to come – to find out more about this exciting new festival, click here!

We are also excited to reveal our partnership with ZIFF – The Zanzibar International Film Festival – East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival which showcases established and emerging talent from Africa and across the world! This year ZIFF will be celebrating its 20th edition with the theme of FINDING JOY/KUSIKIA FURAHA in order to boost joy and hope and do away with discouragement and despair.

Month after month, we are continually delighted and motivated by the progress that is made in independent cinema and we strive to exert our full energies in discovering and promoting talent in the field of indie filmmaking. Here at ÉCU, our preparations in anticipation of the 13th edition of the festival are carried out to ensure that filmmakers receive the best opportunity possible to make their voices heard – to find out more about how to submit to ÉCU 2018, click here!

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