For the 3rd year in the row, ÉCU is thrilled to be partners with the Mashrome Film Festival, which will take place from June 3rd until June 6th in the vibrant city of Rome. This festival is the first of its kind in Italy, and will exclusively feature mash up, remix, and experimental cinema.

Anything but traditional, this exceptional event affords filmmakers who push the envelope an opportunity to present their cutting-edge work. Films that transcend the rules of genre, language, and duration will be screened for a rich visual and artistic experience.

The festival’s co-founders, Alessandra Lo Russo and Mariangela Matarozzo, developed the concept of “Celebrating Art Experiences in the Remix Era”. Their unique approach to film seeks to include a far-reaching multicultural audience and explore innovative forms of creative expression.

This year, Mashrome has 4 films in their programme that were also part of ÉCU 2014 Official Selection BYE-BYE STARR-FIZZ, experimental film by Charline Branger; NOT ANYMORE : A STORY OF REVOLUTION, by Matthew VanDyke and winner of Best Non-European Independent Documentary at ÉCU 2014; POST SCRIPTUM by Spanish filmmaker Santiago Parres and BABYLON, music video by Felix van Cleeff.

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