This week our spotlight focuses on Mia Hansen-Løve, a young but already acknowledged French filmmaker within the world of independent cinema. Mia is just 32 years old and is currently working on her fourth feature film called Eden that will be released next year.

Director and screenwriter, Mia Hansen-Løve, started her career in 1998 as an actress in Oliver Assayas’s film Late August, Early September. She also worked as a film critic in famous French magazine Cahiers du cinéma and in 2003 directed her first short film Après Mûre Réflexion  (After Careful Consideration). Since then she has successfully directed three feature films and is now known as one of the most ambitious and creative filmmakers in the current independent filmmaking scene. According to the New York Times, Mia is one of the top 20 young filmmakers to keep your eye on. An exceptionally subtle manner that dominate within her films is probably one of the key factor that makes her films so artistically powerful and at the same time increadibly successful in the world of independent cinema. Photo 1

Her most recent project, Eden will be released next year and many film fans with an excitement are waiting for it to be screened in the cinemas. Eden reflects on some topics that were spotted in Mia’s previous films: the key topics occuring are the cult of youth and passing through different stages of life as well as emphasis on music. The film tells a story that involves history and development of electronic music in Paris conveyed through one DJ’s personal experiences over the 20 years beginning with 1990s. As most of past films that are written and directer by Mia the storyline is based on real events that are somehow closely related to life experiences of director herself and it makes her films even more sensitive and emotionally involving.

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ÉCU is happy to be able to support young filmmakers and help talents like Mia Hansen-Løve to be discovered. We are glad to see how every year there are new independent filmmakers emerging and they can share their creativity with the world through participation in film festivals. ÉCU has various categories to offer for indie filmmakers that you can find here:


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