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In the ÉCU’s blog, we have already talked about several movies that were chosen by their country of origin as entries to the 87th Academy Awards under the category of ForeignLanguage Film. Just before the Christmas season the Academy shortlisted 9 movies from over 80 for the further competition. Among those Paweł Pawlikowski’s IDA, Andrey Zvyagintsev’s LEVIATHAN and Ruben Östlund’s FORCE MAJEURE. Starting today committees in several cities will start viewing these movies and the final nominees will be announced on January 15th. We are very excited for that and wish the aforementioned directors and their movies good luck. More so, we would like to continue introducing you other European movies and directors that made the TOP 9 list.

51uOYB8M8yL._SX200_One of those is Paula van der Oest – a Dutch film director and screenwriter, whom have already been nominated once for the Academy Award under the same category with a movie ZUS & ZO in 2002. The comedy is about three sisters who try to save their inheritance from their brother whom is about to get married and thus get a family hotel in Portugal. The movie is a loose adaptation of an Anton Chekhov’s play “Three Sisters”.

Accused_(2014_film)This year Paula van der Oest is participating in the race with a movie ACCUSED. The movie is based on a true events in recent Netherland’s history and tells a thriller-like story about one of the biggest justice miscarriages. In the center of the story is a pediatric nurse (Lucia de Berk), who is a devoted to her job, exclusively focusing on each of her patients and often working nights. Nonetheless, she is given a life sentence after several babies dies under her watch between 2000 – 2001. This starts a 10-year long process, that includes imprisonment, before the nurse is finally declared innocent and the judges have to admit to their mistakes. The story is not only a personal, but also societal drama, that reveals how easily people are convinced of one being guilty and how difficult it is to change that conviction.

On the end note, besides, these to two movies that were chosen by the Netherlands as an entry for the Academy Award there are more than ten other movies in Paula van der Oest’s filmography. As it can already be seen by the aforementioned movies, the director is constantly searching for a different genre and thus way to tell one or the other story, as such her filmography is really varied. As she puts it herself, in the creative process she does not have any real system or systematic approach, which results in movies ranging from comedies to thrillers.

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