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For this Friday spotlight we’ve chosen an Italian film director: Vittorio De Sica (1901-1974).

Vittorio De Sica was born in Sora (Italy) in 1901. During his life he travelled through Italy and moved first to Naples and then, with the beginning of World War I, to Florence, but “sometimes a foreign can love Naples more than a person who was born there” and De Sica’s heart never forgot that “happy city”. De Sica, thanks to his huge passion for films, is considered a leading figure in the neorealist movement. “I’ve lost all my money on these films, but I’m glad to lose it this way”: no amount of money could stop his unconditional love for filmmaking.

Two womenLA CIOCIARA (TWO WOMEN) is De Sica’s most famous film, directed in 1960. The film expresses the energy of the filmmaker: he is able to break the balances, alternating with naturalness all different sides of the same character. “You live and you suffer” De Sica shows in this masterpiece, thanks to the interpretation of an extraordinary Sophia Loren in the dramatic role of a woman destroyed by the horrors of war and life. In 1962 the film won the Golden Globe as best film, while Sophia Loren won the Oscar award as best actress.

The children are watching usI BAMBINI CI GUARDANO (THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US) is another De Sica’s famous film. It is about a troubled family situation seen through powerless eyes of a child. In this film the director showed his thought about the incomprehensible disobedience of women, explained by the director himself through a funny sentence: “Women, of course, would be punctual if you could oblige them to be late”. Really appreciated by critics, “it is the only film to show the cruel reality in which the children live”.

ShoeShineSCIUSCIA’ (SHOESHINE) is the real masterpiece of Italian neorealism. De Sica’s aim was “to trace the dramatic in everyday situations” and he did through this documentary with characters taken from the street about neglected children that are given to crime in an environment characterized by chaotic climate of war. Thanks to it, De Sica got the Oscar award as best foreign film and the Silver Ribbon as best direction.

“Don’t let anything stop your dreams” is our Friday message. Follow your own way above difficulties, nothing is important if your passion is very big.

If you are strong and motivated people like Vittorio De Sica, don’t hesitate to show us your dreams by submitting your films to ÉCU 2016.

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