Français Is it possible to shoot a full-feature film in one single take and still succeed to make a broad audience watch it and like it? German filmmaker and actor Sebastian Schipper proved you can do it! When his newest film “Victoria” came out this summer, it blew the spectators mind’s twice. Firstly, by delivering […]

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ÉCU’s Guide to the indie film scene in…Russia

ÉCU has five Russian indie films in its Official Selection 2013, so it’s time to have look at the independent film scene of the biggest country in the world which is spread across Europe and Asia and includes many different nationalities. A picture of Russian independent cinema is somehow connected with the picture of a […]

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Russian Ark

A few weeks ago, Russian director Alexander Sokurov came to the Forum des Images to present a short documentary and his feature film Russian Ark, in honor of the program dedicated to Moscow and St. Petersburg. One of the many elements that the filmmaker spoke about in his master class was the idea that there […]

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