New submission to ÉCU 2015 – “How I Lost My Best Friends” trailer

“How I Lost My Best Friends” is a film by Natalie Schwan and our new submission in the category Non-European Dramatic Short. Through nostalgic flashbacks triggered by a return to his hometown, 20-something Danny analyzes his most influential and important relationships as he tries to figure out how to move forward in his life.

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Spotlight: Richard Ayoade

Français Richard Ayoade is most famously known for his perpetually awkward but constantly amusing role as the computer technician Maurice Moss in THE IT CROWD. He is one of the most deferential and self-deprecating men in the entertainment industry who has directed two spectacular films. They differ significantly in tone, but are equally captivating. He […]

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“Killing My Girl” trailer – ÉCU 2015’s ‘Official Selection’!

“Killing My Girl” by Tasos Giapoutzis is a part of ÉCU 2015’s ‘Official Selection’ in the category Student Film. A young South Asian woman lives away from home, in London, with her husband and in-laws. The film depicts her struggle to undergo sex-selective abortion against her will.

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