Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is one of the most successful French directors of the modern era. His distinctive, whimsical style that can be described as a throwback to cinematic impressionism renders his oeuvre instantly recognizable. Of the several unique trademarks which characterize his films – including a focus on objects, the creation of quirky characters and the […]

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The New Kid on the Action Camera Block

Action camera shots edited by ÉCU Partner, ZS2 Media.   The action camera market, previously dominated by GoPro now has new products pouring in from Sony, Contour, and JVC that are smaller in size and action-ready than ever before. The film industry has recently discovered the value of the smaller, more convenient DSLR cameras, which […]

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The Canon EOS-1D C: The Best of Both Worlds

Canon recently released the Canon EOS-1D C as one of the first DSLR film-first cameras – a groundbreaking moment for filmmakers around the world. When digital SLR cameras began to appear on the market, they were solely used for still photos; video was later added as an add-on feature. Scott Hillier, CCO of Zs2 Media Group […]

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Camera Obscura Trailer

NEW SUBMISSION TO ÉCU 2012 Maria lives inside her Camera Obscura, until the day she feels that things outside are changing and no one seems to notice those changes. And Maria realizes that sometimes you need to create projections in order to make the others see.

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