Jia Zhangke is a prominent name in Chinese independent film industry, whose films have received critical praise and have been recognized internationally. In his films, Jia tends to focus on humanity and narrate stories in a documentary way rather than using magic realism. His films treat themes of alienated youth, contemporary Chinese history and globalization. […]

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ÉCU Spotlight: The Chinese Indie Film Scene

… As ÉCU was in Beijing last week, we thought we’d delve into the Chinese indie film scene a bit more. Since we’re well aware of the difficulties surrounding independent filmmaking in general, we’re even more impressed by those who strive to create their work in places where it is a real struggle. In light […]

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Why We Can’t Talk About China

Posting an opinion on my blog? I get pulled over. Sending a sexy email to my boyfriend? He’s not the only one reading it. Why is it so difficult to tweet? Because Twitter is blocked. Permitted headlines only considered good for me, watching television with blacked out broadcasts, and never having heard Axl Rose sing […]

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Ningbo Port Implements a Smarter Logistics Strategy

by Gabrielle Martin The new platform aims to establish information labs for a more efficient logistics plan, saving billions of dollars. Renowned filmmaker and CEO of ZS2 Media Group, Scott Hillier, recently went to this major port city for a corporate film project. China is a leader in the world for the production and transportation […]

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