Spotlight: Guy Maddin

Screened at festivals around the world, Guy Maddin’s The Green Fog (2017) is his best experiment to date, a recreation of Hitchcock’s Vertigo through a dizzying collage of a dozen different films set in San Francisco. Condensing the thrill of the original while diffusing its curse, Maddin puts Vertigo’s crucial moments on rapid repeat, multiplying […]

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Français  September is coming to an end and here at ÉCU we’ve been extremely busy getting back into the swing of things. While our summer interns may have gone off back to their studies, off to live with monks or eskimos or have just gone off to pursue the usual other things that humans do, a […]

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Français Here at ÉCU we are huge fans of the brilliant director David Lynch and we were therefore very surprised to realise that we had not yet dedicated our Friday’s spotlight article to him, hence why this week he is our character of choice.   David Keith Lynch, born January 20th 1946 is a man […]

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