A sexually subversive and darkly violent drama set in the perilous streets of Caracas, From Afar (2015), marks the first feature film from Venezuelan filmmaker Lorenzo Vigas, whose gripping debut is self-consciously marked by violent physical beatings, sexual voyeurism and internalized homophobia that vividly characterizes the age discordant relationship the film’s troubled paramours. The […]

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Français “We have been fortunate to create an in-kind partnership with ÉCU Film Festival in Paris which will allow us to bring the Best of ÉCU to London in 2016. By not charging filmmakers and asking audiences members to ‘pay what they like’, we will be able to make the film programme open and accessible to all […]

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Dissection of a Storm Trailer

“Dissection of a Storm” is a new submission to ÉCU 2012. A woman called D seeks shelter from a tormenting past in a sanatorium in the middle of the mountains Check it out !/// « Dissection of a Storm » est une nouvelle soumission à l’ÉCU 2012. Une femme appelée D cherche à se préserver […]

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