What to do in January

In Paris, January is probably the coldest month of the year but still there are many things to do both indoors and out. So, lets get started and see what the city has to offer.   Event: Winter sales You think your coat is too old-fashioned? You absolutely want a new pair of boots? It […]

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New Submission – London Memory multi+city

Let the voices of Stephen Brennan and director Margarida Sardinha serenade your psychedelic senses in this visual feast known as London Memory multi+city. This trailer submitted for ÉCU 2014 is a collaborative experimental film between the UK and Portugal and is sure to trigger your senses. //Laissez les voix de Stephen Brennan et de la […]

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ÉCU Spotlight: Indies at the Oscars – Michael Haneke and Amour

With the awards season fast approaching, there is a buzz around the independent film world because of the high possibility that indie films will really clean up at the Oscars. So many excellent indie films are lined up to potentially claim prestigious Oscar awards this spring and ÉCU is very excited about the prospect of […]

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ÉCU Spotlight: Tarantino Unchained

As American screenwriter, producer, actor and film-director Quentin Tarantino finds himself in Paris for the French premiere of his latest film Django Unchained (2012), ÉCU thought it would be fitting to spotlight him this week as we eagerly await the movie’s arrival to our screens. Tarantino is an indie movie giant, and one who has […]

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Indian Independent Film Scene

Indian Indie Film is a film without songs.© Cinema in India is a mass industry and belongs to the most important forms of entertainment. Colourful Bollywood films provide the picture of glamour and kitsch, a perfect world where the singing and dancing never stop and all the love stories have inevitable happy endings. On the […]

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