Français   With August ending we all start to long for careless summer, as autumn is on the doorstep, quietly reminding about the work that has been postponed.  And yet the month of September promises a lot of new exciting things to do in Paris. Walking through the streets you notice that not only trees are […]

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Français   The holiday fever is already halfway through. Paris seems to be more relaxed than ever, though things never stop buzzling around.  There are many exciting activities to indulge yourself into – all the culture events, or simply drinks and sun at the Paris Plage. This year fireworks on the National Bastille Day were spectacular […]

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What to do in Paris in January

By now you’ve probably all bought your gym memberships and thrown the cigarettes away…but you need to have some fun too to get through cold cold January. 1. Eat the best Galette des Rois in Paris at Dominique Saibron. For those not in the know, it is a delicious almond frangipan cake covered in flaky […]

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October Newsletter Update

ÉCU has had a pretty busy month this October! With the skies turning grey and the rain closing in we have had no excuse but to watch all of the amazing submissions we have been receiving. Aside from this we have also continued screening ÉCU 2014 winning films all around the world. First, our ÉCU-on-the-Road […]

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Spotlight – EuroIFC

  This week’s spotlight is dedicated to… us! It’s not that we’ve become self centred, but we want to share our enthusiasm and introduce you to our new project, EuroIFC, a free and legal film-viewing platform. The channel is the brain child of the same active and dynamic team behind ÉCU and showcases independent films […]

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August Update

The summer might be coming to an end but there are still some events that you should not miss. Open air cinemas are definitely a must at this time of the year, whether you are in Paris or someplace else in the world, we got you covered! Also with this open air setting is the […]

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