Français European wide known, Italian filmmaker Nanni Moretti is definetely a unique, quirck character. His career begins with a Super-8 camera, bought after having sold his stamps collection at the age of twenty, and no previous experience whatsoever. Starting off with two parodic short films about bourgeois contradictions (Paté de Bourgeois) and 68’ militants’ […]

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New submission to ÉCU 2015 – “Child K” trailer

“Child K” by Roberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo is a new submission to ÉCU in the category European Dramatic Short. Based on a true story. Pomssen. Saxony, 1937. Richard and Lina Kretschkopf are a young peasant couple who changed the German history.

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ÉCU’s Guide to the Indie Film Scene in…Italy!

This year ÉCU Official Selection includes four Italian films. Therefore we would like to write something about the Italian Independent Cinema, which has one of the oldest and richest history and big influence on other independent film scenes all over the world. ÉCU collected some of the interesting facts of the Italian Independent scene. The […]

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