Français  September is coming to an end and here at ÉCU we’ve been extremely busy getting back into the swing of things. While our summer interns may have gone off back to their studies, off to live with monks or eskimos or have just gone off to pursue the usual other things that humans do, a […]

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LA VANITÉ (Lionel Baier)

Français La Vanité tells the incredible story of a sick man who is on a quest for death and the many peculiar characters that he meets on this morbid yet tender journey. Suffering from cancer, at a more or less terminal stage, David (Patrick Lapp), a retired architect, is determined to end things. Repulsed by […]

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Français As you may have noticed by now, ÉCU is all about indie cinema. And although we are deeply committed to our official selection, we must confess having sometimes been unfaithful to our competitors. Well, sometimes… Until now we’ve been very cautious about our dirty little secret; only going to the movie theater late at […]

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