The Way of Tea by Marc Fouchard

 Français Just as the dust is settling from the devastating explosions in Paris last November, we are bitterly reminded once again of the continued global struggle against terror and violence.  Our headlines scream now-familiar phrases like, ‘terrorist attacks,’ ‘many dead,’ and ‘explosions,’ as Brussels faces a fresh wave of terrorism.  These graphic terms are then […]

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Français For this Friday spotlight we’ve chosen a Franco-Argentine film director: Gaspar Noé. Gaspar Noé, son of the famous Argentine painter Luis Felipe Noé, was born in 1963 in Buenos Aires. He now lives and works in France as film director. Extremely modern and far from the reality, Noé started making film to express his […]

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What to do in February

Hôtel de Ville Ice Rink If you didn’t go ice skating with your friends and/or family in the capital this year yet, this month is your last chance ! The famous ice rink in front of Hôtel de Ville will be avaiable until March 3rd. Where :Place de l’Hôtel de ville 75004 Paris ———————————————————————————————————— The Fireworks Festival […]

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Newsletter Update

It is the time of  la rentrée here in Paris.. summer is over! But here at the ÉCU office, no one is crying and the festival is getting closer! It’s time to work harder. We have been very busy interviewing new people to join our team, writing articles, judging new submissions and following our partners […]

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Stage Of Mind – Official Trailer

New submission to ÉCU 2013!! Stage Of Mind follows Jeremy and his infatuation with his new roommate Alicia. He loves to listen to her singing in the shower and after several times of getting completely mesmerized by it, he decides to get closer to the bathroom’s door and enjoy the show from the first row…

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ÉCU’s Media Partner: The New Current

ÉCU’s media partner, The New Current is a website that offers a fresh stream of student media and is currently running a series of interviews with the student filmmakers who have been shortlisted in the student category of the ÉCU 2012 Film Festival! This interview features the director of ‘Goldfish Love’, Elin Gronblom, so check […]

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