Press Accreditation 2015

Press accreditation is available for reporters from all fields of media (print, online, TV, radio and photography) as well as to PR agents of all the Official Selection films shown at ÉCU 2015. The press accreditation provides: – access to the opening (April 10th) and closing (April 12th) ceremonies – access to all festival film […]

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Social Media Your Film!

In the last seven years, ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival has reached thousands of audience members, filmmakers, and producers via multiple social media platforms. With today’s population spending more and more time online, it is crucial to get on as many computer screens as possible. In searching for the world’s most talented and […]

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Media 4D Conference

The Media 4D conference is coming up on 30th March and we are lucky enough to be partnered with Forum ATENA and Holken Consultants and Partners to bring you a one day social innovation conference! It will be the place to be for everyone from content providers, broadcasters and vendors to user representatives, public institutions […]

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ÉCU’s Media Partner: The New Current

ÉCU’s media partner, The New Current is a website that offers a fresh stream of student media and is currently running a series of interviews with the student filmmakers who have been shortlisted in the student category of the ÉCU 2012 Film Festival! This interview features the director of ‘Goldfish Love’, Elin Gronblom, so check […]

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