Since Nightcrawler, no film has better distilled American malaise better than the Safdie brothers’ ironically-named Good Time (2017). The film stars Robert Pattinson in a breakout role as Connie Nikas, an on-the-lam criminal in New York City trying to bail his mentally disabled brother Nick out of jail following a failed bank heist. As […]

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  Juste comme la série TV Black Mirror de Charlie Brooker, Ingrid Goes West (Matt Spicer, 2017) est un portrait sardonique de l’obsession actuelle par des réseaux sociaux. Son protagoniste, Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) est une fanatique de Instagram qui se nourrit d’illusions d’amitié avec des femmes glamour qu’elle suit. Pleine de ressentiment quand elle […]

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Movie Review: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

  The Killing of a Chinese Bookie is an American film directed by John Cassavetes from 1976. As a crime film, this one stands out from its genre. The director focuses on each character and defines the individuals in a sentimental way that highlights the soft spot inside of each of them. We dive directly […]

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Movie review: Last Men in Aleppo

  Last men in Aleppo is a brutal, emotionally overwhelming true story of the last humanitarian fighters in Aleppo who risk their lives in a failing society. We follow Khaled (Umar Harah) who is a part of The Syrian Civil Defence also known as The White Helmets – a volunteer organisation that operates in parts […]

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Critique de film: Wind River

Wind River est un des rares films à s’occuper du problème de violence sexuel sur des réserves indiennes et de l’indifférence du gouvernement fédéral. Le film, qui s’axe sur le viol et la disparition d’une jeune amérindienne Natalie (Kelsey Chow) sur le réserve de Wind River, symbolise une plus grande épidémie qui a poussé le […]

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Movie Review: Everything, Everything

Stella Meghie (JEAN OF THE JONESES) offers a garden-variety teen romance in her second directorial work, Everything, Everything, following the release of her widely applauded debut feature which explores the chaotic dramatics that follow a large Jamaican-American family in a riotously droll, sharply illuminating generational drama. Although her follow up project is equally audacious in […]

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Movie Review: Wind River

  Wind River is one of the rare films in American cinema to address the problem of sexual violence on Indian reservations and the federal government’s stark indifference to it. Its story of the rape and disappearance of a young Native American woman Natalie (Kelsey Chow) on Wind River Reservation is symbolic of a much […]

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 Français Movies have tried to explain upper-middle class domestic suffocation for a while. Sam Mendes’ American Beauty and the hit prime time TV series Desperate Housewives are a few of Hollywood’s projects that well-captured a portrait of what it meant to be comfortable and bored. I find myself tip-toeing around this subject matter at the […]

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Français Before trilogy director Richard Linklater brought pillow talk back with a healthy dose of nostalgia and the feels in Boyhood. The film’s intrigue factor is its long running cast and filming, famously spanning its storyline over twelve years and using the same actors in their aging element. But this happens to be the cherry on top of a […]

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ÉCU’s Special Screening at Café Coutume

ÉCU’s Special Film Screening at Cafe Coutume took place at 47 rue de Babylone, 75007, Paris on Tuesday, November 15 · 7:30pm – 10:00pm. ÉCU showcased 5 films from its 2011 festival Never Winter Invertebrate Urban Sounds Todor and Petru Le Miroir The event was a great success, with projections of some of our favorite […]

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Independent Cardiff

Cardiff – a tiny city, but expanding and building in confidence every day. A city where if you want to do something, you can make it happen. Nowhere typifies this more than Chapter Arts Centre. Want to try your hand at stand up comedy? Ask at the fortnightly amateur comedy show. Fancy playing obscure board […]

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Interview with ÉCU alumni Yonathan Levy

Yonathan Levy is a rising Israeli/French filmmaker who won ÉCU 2010′s Film of the Festival (Europe’s Best Independent Film 2010) with his touching film, Das Kind. ÉCU caught up with him at a recent screening of his film at La Mémorial de la Shoah here in Paris. 1. How did it feel to win ÉCU […]

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Follow-Up Performance Review: The Living Theatre – A Day in the Life of Paris

The Living Theatre Performance Review By Jen Wallace and Marc Rickenbach As a follow up to our article on The Living Theatre press event, we went to see the final performance presented by the actors after their two day participation with the Bilingual Acting Workshop. The workshop was overseen by Judith Malina herself, founder of […]

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The Living Theatre: A Day in the Life of Paris

By Jen Wallace and Marc Rickenbach On May 25, at Le Pavé d’Orsay, a narrow empty space tucked away in Paris’ 7th, we attended the Introductory Cocktail and Press hour celebrating the return of The Living Theatre to Paris after a twenty year absence. The following weekend, in collaboration with the Bilingual Acting Workshop, The […]

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