Welcome to ÉCU 2012!

I would like to congratulate the 101 filmmakers who have been chosen to be part of ÉCU 2012’s Official Selection . Our office was flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of amazing films. As you can imagine it was extremely difficult to process more than 700 films, but in the end we have selected 101 films from 33 countries who will compete in 14 categories for 24 awards.

For those of you who were not selected, please, please, please continue to create and share your stories. The world is always in need of a good story.

A huge thank you goes out to our selection committee that consists of individuals scattered across the entire globe- from Serbia to Spain, Romania to Greece, Germany  and, of course, France! We sent you loads of films to score and I know that we’ve left your heads dizzy, but your time is greatly appreciated. Our “Official Selection” is outstanding and it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. I’m also happy having great team of Jury Members over for ÉCU 2012.

We are excited to be screening in the same locations as the previous year’s festival. The principal cinema, Les 7 Parnassiens , is renowned for its projection of independent films and is the ideal location for our film festival. In addition, we will also be holding film screenings and professional Workshops about screenwriting, directing, editing, acting, and sound mixing at wonderful Cinéma Action Christine , which is located on a cobble-stoned street in the Latin Quarter. The indie vibe at this cinema will surely impact the filmmakers in attendance. It is going to be an event-packed weekend so I suggest that you start depositing into your sleep banks right away!

My fabulously enthusiastic, creative and talented Staff will be announcing a heap of new and funky advances over the coming weeks including ÉCU’s social networking site, ÉCU association membership and much more that should make your mouth water. Keep up to date on our website!

Don’t forget to watch the trailers from our “Official Selection” and for those of you who are anxiously wanting to attend ÉCU 2012, Tickets are now on sale!


Scott Hillier

President of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival

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