Luckily, despite doing the social media for ÉCU 2013, I had some time to watch two documentaries: I am Eleven and American Courtesans.
I was lucky because, in their own way, each documentary was incredibly moving and beautiful.

I could talk hours about I am Eleven. However, Erica has already written about this amazing film, so all I’ll add, is that it is so good to see the world through the eyes of children again. Genevieve asked people to write on a board a sentence starting with the words “When I was eleven…” and I started to annoy my social media colleague Jara by saying, “hey, it’s crazy, I can’t remember any more!”

What did I do when I was eleven? What were my dreams? Where did I travel?

After an hour, only one thing came to my mind. At eleven, I was still wearing my dress with Micky and Minnie Mouse on it, a dress that my mom brought me from America when I was 4 years old. Happy that I had something, I tried to find Genevieve to write it on the board, but she was visiting all the screening sessions. She was here, but she wasn’t here. I saw her in the audience after the screening of American Courtesans.

American Courtesans… Wow. The trailer to this film was one of the most popular according to the views on all ÉCUs video channels. The director James Johnson, and the producer Kristen DiAngelo, have decided to make a documentary about American prostitutes that goes outside all the prejudice, showing the good side not always accepted by everyone. The film became very positive, sometimes funny, and even if the women in the story had their bad experiences they moved on and believed in themselves, they got up, and went further. Not everyone would understand this way of life, but it is a story about personal choices and about letting people live how they want. It’s about being free.

It is also difficult not to fall in love with Kristen, she is one of the most candid and vibrant individuals with the most positive energy I have ever met. You talk to her and feel like you’ve known her for ages. I am really glad that this woman found a way to tell her story and the stories of other women with all their differences and similarities from working as escorts. The film showed the audience this. It convinced and impressed.

I am really glad.


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