Welcome to ÉCU 2011

First of all I have to say a big congratulations to the 77 filmmakers who have made their way into ÉCU’s 2011 “Official Selection“. It was a hard, hard process this year – we were inundated with amazing films – and for those filmmakers that didn’t get in – please keep on going, the world needs great story tellers.

Thanks goes to my selection committee judges – 40 of you scattered around the planet from Serbia to Moscow, from London to Greece and yes, even in France. I’m also happy having great team of jury members over for  ÉCU 2011.

I’m excited to be at two new locations this year, Les 7 Parnassiens is renowned for its projection of independent films and will serve as the perfect place for ÉCU 2011’s major projections and also host our Production Hub (so dust off your cameras festival attendees!).

The artistic space at Les 7 Parnassiens is sure to be felt inside the movie theatre and out. It will no doubt become a very special place for some of our filmmakers who will be celebrating their world-wide cinematic debut. We’ll also be having screenings at the wonderful Cinema Christine which is located down in the cobbled streets of Saint-Germain. As well as host many of our professional workshops where attendees will hear from professionals about screenwriting, directing, editing and animation. It’s going to be a PACKED weekend so I suggest that you start depositing into your sleep banks right away!

My fabulously enthusiastic, creative and talented staff will be announcing a heap of new and funky advances over the coming weeks including ÉCU’s social networking site, ÉCU association membership and much more that should make your mouth water. Keep up to date on our website!

Enough from me, please go through the rest of the ÉCU 2011 site and for those of you who want to attend ÉCU 2011 tickets go on sale very soon…


Scott Hillier
ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival

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