Music at ÉCU 2013

The excitement doesn’t end when the day does! Every evening there are amazing after parties were people can unwind, ideas can percolate, and everyone can have a good time. ÉCU is also a strong supporter of musicians and live music can be heard throughout the entire weekend.

Grab your tickets now to make sure you don’t miss out! Live music is brought to you by ÉCU’s Official Music Partner, Access Film-Music.


Andy Frasco & The UN (USA)

Coming to us from Southern California, USA is Party Blues musician Andy Frasco and The UN! This 23-year-old musical savant did not learn an instrument until the age of 17 and has not stopped playing since.  In the past three years alone he has booked over 700 shows, performed in 6 countries, and traveled over 190,000 kilometers!  Headlining with artists such as Pretty Lights and John Mayer, Andy Frasco is bringing back the blues to our current generation.

Get ready to dance and join ÉCU in welcoming Andy Frasco and The UN at this year’s 8th Annual European Independent Film Festival!



Bona Fide Genius (Netherlands)

Join us on the weekend of March 29th, 2013 and come jam out to Bona Fide Genius! Hailing from the Netherlands, this group of 6 musicians mixes funk, blues and soul into their own jazzy progressions.  Bass player Kenneth Bruce keeps the groove steady with Judy Blank on vocals and Tim Ouburg on piano.  Come join us and enjoy Bona Fide Genius’s new twist on funky blues!

Watch the artists explain the story of the band here.




Kristin Shey (Germany)

Kristin Shey is one of the few artists with an extremely flexible voice, outstanding song-material and a truly hypnotic stage-presence when she performs. Touring bars and clubs with her guitar all over America and Europe, she will be on stage at the 8th editon of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival.





Chicago Mike Beck (USA)

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to rock with Chicago Mike Beck and ÉCU!  Known throughout Europe and the USA, this rock sensation is known for his powerful voice and incredible stage presence.  Performing around the world for over 15 years, Chicago Mike brings elements from all types of music genres into his performances.





Sacha Delone and Superglam (Belgium)

“It’s all about Glam…”-Sacha Delone and Superglam

Superglam is the New Glam Solo project of Sacha Delone, singer-songwriter and composer.
Influenced by charismatic artists such as David Bowie or Marc Bolan, Superglam is proposing a unique universe made of ear-catching songs, performed in two different live-versions depending on the venues. Let’s see how they will glam the ÉCU after party!




The Gift (Portugal)

The Gift is a Portuguese alternative rock band, formed in 1994. In 2005 they won the MTV Europe award for best Portuguese act. The gift’s music style has been described as Synth Pop, Electronic and Alternative rock, so don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!





Paul Inman (California USA)

Paul Inman’s Delivery is the musical creation of a man named Paul Inman, a singer/songwriter from Detroit who now resides in Los Angeles.nman’s songs are roadmaps of the soul, a series of paintings that are sometimes culled from personal experience, other times from the triumphs and failures of others in an imperfect world. Like many great songwriters, Inman takes personal experience and universalizes it. A definite must have for anyone who loves music, poetry and travel.



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