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Here are some posts written by ÉCU Team members during the festival:


I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER! What an exhausting weekend. Although it was a lot of work, I’m going to miss the amazing experiences I’ve had. Thank you to everyone who made it out to the festival. Congratulations to all of the award winners, this is absolutely amazing. As we all wrap up here and start heading out to the after party, I just want to give a huge shout out to all of my fellow staff members, Scott and Kadi for a crazy/insane/adrenaline-filled/insert-other-adjectives-here experience. This may be the last blog post of the 2015 festival, but this is definitely not the last blog post of the European Independent Film Festival. Here’s to many more great editions! Good luck to future staff…you’re going to need it! Remember everyone…STAY COOL, STAY INDIE!

– Jan


The festival hasn’t ended yet but I feel nostalgic already. It’s been a weekend of intense learning! It’s always so cool to see the world from someone else’s perspective… I will miss sitting in this big dark room.

– Vera

I can’t believe we’re already nearing the last session of the festival, this weekend has gone by so fast! It’s been a whirlwind experience, meeting so many people from across the globe coming together for one purpose. Can’t wait to find out the winners!

– Jennifer


Day 3 aka my millionth café au lait aka several pictures and social media posts later aka the last day of the festival! I am both happy and sad that this festival is coming to a close. However, I can’t think about that right now; there are still so many things to do! There are currently two workshops on right now. I’m very excited to see what kind of pictures the photographers get. We’re going to get to see an editing master impart his knowledge as well as drones! I already got a few pictures and I think someone was singing with a guitar in one of the workshops. You really never know what to expect from ÉCU!

– Jan

My favourite part of the festival has been meeting the directors. It has been so cool to talk with them about their films and get to know them. It has been an amazing weekend and I am so excited for the award ceremony tonight!

– Natalie



Day 2 here at ÉCU! Last night was incredible and the party just keeps on going. So many more great movies to come – hope to see you here soon!

– Jennifer

It will be a Big Day! I spent the last few months talking with our amazing filmmakers on social media and now I finally get to meet them. =) You should come to ÉCU 2015 because the fun has begun!

– Stefania


Yesterday night was really great! The first workshop is just about to finish and Session 1 is about to beginning. Although I am currently in the 7 Parnassiens where most of the films are screening, some staff are in Le Lincoln watching the awesome ROSEVILLE. Everyone has quickly gotten into the groove of things and I am excited to see what happens next. Make sure you keep up to date by following this blog and using #ecufilmfestival when you tweet, post, snap, vine, whatever!

– Jan

My favourite part of yesterday was seeing all the filmmakers! It was so cool talking with them about their films. I’m really looking forward to the Q&As today, should be really interesting!

– Natalie

La soirée d`ouverture a été un très bon moment ! Un public chaleureux, une équipe remontée a bloc. Encore rencontré de nouveaux collègues, ce fut un réel plaisir !

– Hélène

Hey ÉCU people, great night yesterday…. keep on rocking in the free world !


friday – opening night!

Everyone is busy running around that I seem to be the only one with time to write something for this blog! This is one crazy night and so far it’s been a blast! I left my computer station earlier because we were overwhelmed at the welcome desk with attendees and man oh man there were so many people. From filmmakers to press to VIP, they were all just streaming in! Everyone is currently inside the theatre watching the opening night films, but I’m outside with a few other staff working on the beautiful videos, photos and other social media shenanigans that you’ll be seeing later on in the night. The after party and the rest of the weekend is surely going to be as crazy and fun. So, if you couldn’t make it for tonight, be sure to buy your ticket for tomorrow or Sunday.

– Jan

2 hours until opening night

I’m feeling good vibes over here and I can’t wait to see the result of our team’s work – I believe it’s going to be an amazing first day!  Come over so I can take you a photo!

– Vera

6 hours until opening night

Hii people! I am Stefania and I’am working on social media:) We have just posted some cool pictures for you. Can’t believe the festival starts in a few hours! There is so much chaos because everyone is running around and we are pretty busy to make everything amazing for you. Of course we are also very excited for tonight and I hope to see you there!

– Stefania

Je fais des sacs surprise pour le festival. Je suis très excitée que le festival débute car il y a un film Lituanien (dans la catégorie “music video”). J’ai hate d’être à l’After Party avec mes amis ce soir !

– Viltė

Wow I can’t believe I’m actually part of a film festival! I just got here and it seems like everybody already has several things to do – there are people putting up posters, paintings, and even rolling out a red carpet! I just went upstairs and saw Scott sneaking a nap in the projection room – not a bad idea since I know tonight is going to be just wild. Oh ok, someone’s calling me. I’ve got to go help find a wrench….Just another typical 5 minutes at ÉCU!

– Jivika

8 hours until opening night

I’m so excited to see everybody’s reactions to the films! They are so amazing and I can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the show. There was a lot of hard work that lead up to the festival and it is cool seeing everything fall into place!

– Natalie

It just keeps getting busier! Although we’re technically on a lunch break, everyone is still moving a mile a minute. This is such a rush, but I’m afraid I might be too tired for the party tonight and that’s not good. I’ll be working with coordinating the photographers and photos as well as social media, so even though no one will probably see me today since I’m going to be in my little computer corner, you’ll probably see the things I’m working on. Only a few hours left!

– Jan

10 hours until opening night

Hi everybody! I’m Sara. Today is the first day of the Festival and I’m so excited for this new experience. The ÉCU team has worked a lot for preparing everything in the best way as possible, so I really hope these three days of the Festival will be a success. Today I’m in charge of people traffic, so I have to be able to give the right information to people and show them where the screening rooms and exits are.

See you at the Festival

– Sara

Hi I’m Sabrina, we are all very excited, everybody is working so hard to make sure tonight you will all have the time of your life.  Can’t wait to meet everyone I’ll be waiting for you at the front desk!

– Sabrina

What’s up festival people, LIVE FROM PARIS, IT’S OPENING NIGHTTTTTT, hope everyone got this SNL reference… so indie of me… looking forward to spying on you from my editing booth ! I’ll be editing your faces, so please look good!

– Alice R.

It’s only the morning and we’re still several hours away from opening night, but everything is already HECTIC! After several months of hard work, I can’t believe that it’s going to start soon. These three days are going to be amazing! I hope all of you can make it!

– Jan

Can’t believe it’s finally here! Months of work have led up to this weekend and I’m super excited to see everything come together. Hope to see you all VERY SOON for a weekend of fun, films and partaaaaaay.

– Jennifer

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