We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our submission judges who participated in the 15th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Each year we strive to highlight the very best independent filmmakers and we are very proud of the reputation that we have garnered. With that in mind, we know that this festival would not be possible without the support, expertise, and generosity of our exceptional judges. Our judges are not only what make our festival possible, but they play a large part in what makes our festival special. Their tireless help, passion, and energy enable us to provide a unique venue for emerging innovative and cinematic talent to gain international recognition. We think that we speak on behalf of everyone in saying that we are extremely grateful for all the hard work and time that our judges have put forward to making this festival happen. We are beyond excited for the 15th edition of the festival and we couldn’t have done it without them!

Here is the complete list of our ÉCU 2020 submission judges:

Fateme AhmadiDawn HanDrew Pautz
Yuri AlvesPhilip HarderCarlota Martínez Pereda
Paul AndersonTotie HermanPeter Rautek
Niger AsijeKorinna HerzigCharlie Reader
Nicolas AuzeineSophie HexterBrahim Samaha
Artjom BaranovMartijn HullegieÍlker Savaşkurt
Randy BernardMaja JacobAlberto Sciamma
D. Jeremy BoltonMarc Martinez JordanAlice Seabright
Stephen David BrooksDusan KastelicEric Shahinian
Rudolf BuitendachBouha KazmiTara Shehata
Rebecca CalderAndrés KlimekOscar Spierenburg
Carole CassierRuya KomanLuigi Abanto Varese
Georgios CherouvimBrett LeighMartijn Winkler
Samantha CollinsRick LimentaniPaul Wyett
Benjamin DiourisJonathan MandelYael Arad Zafrir
Giada GhiringhelliFabian MarquezMohammad Zare
Phil HallAlberto Nacci

Script Judges 2020

Amanda Batista, Sophie Benecick, Francesca Bonissone, Giuseppe Valerio Centro, Martina Daviddi, Carla Drouen, Steven Evans, Francesca Finocchiaro, Sophie Gardiner, Colette Gardner, Kamile Gruduls, Marta Hübner, Chelsea Kalumbu, Kai Kobori-Hotchkiss, Susanna Mosca, Laura Murphy, Arianna Panareo, Luce Pastoret, Julia Pivniouk , Sofia Recchi, Hanna Rogers, Kaiyue Ruan, Giorgia Russo, Danielle Simone, Rowan Twine, Caterina Vasapolli, Antonela Vita.

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