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ÉCU never stops and we are always on road to promote our talented filmmakers around the world. In collaboration with Association – Acrítica and Space/Gallery Art – Carmo 81 ÉCU held its first ever mini-festival event in Portugal. ÉCU-in-Viseu took place in August 13th to 15th 2015.

Viseu, located in the Centro Region of Portugal, is considered to be the “center of art” in Portugal. This historical city is well known especially thanks to both its tasty culinary arts and the presence of a lot of famous monuments, museums and parks. It is also celebrated for the organization of many cultural events that let Viseu be one of the most visited cities in Portugal.

22 short films selected from ÉCU 2015 festival edition were screened during the three days, including one Portuguese / American film – EXIT ROAD by Yuri Alves.

Find the full list of films that we screened during ÉCU-in-Viseu here:

Press on the poster to see the whole festival program.


For more information:

– Check out the location of the event:;
– Check out Association – Acrítica and Space/Gallery Art – Carmo 81 , host organisation of ÉCU-in-Viseu: and .

Here you can find the photo album of this event.

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