For ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, three days in Paris is just not enough. Every year, our festival travels around the world making sure our “Official Selection” directors and films are made known. This demonstrates our active commitment to cultivate and encourage the new and inspiring talent that comes our way.

2012 was quite a busy year for our festival. ÉCU traveled around the globe, touring 20 countries, showing the very best of its independent films. This was made possible through the help of over 60 (and quickly growing) partner festivals. During these festivals, some of our “Official Selection” films are screened, which furthers the size of our directors audience. In adding to the number of viewers, we are able to champion our belief in our directors, as well as our passion for independent cinema. This action alone makes our storytellers voices heard, their creativity made known and allows them possibilities they would otherwise might not have had.

As a festival for filmmakers, it is extremely important for ÉCU to go on the road and tour our films. Through our road series, we have the ability to changes lives, forge relationships, further artistic expression, and most importantly, encourage a new generation of filmmaking and film-goers.”


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Events listed in order of Most Recent.

1st – 7th December
Festival del Cinema Independente di Foggia, Italy
The Independent Film Festival aims to enhance knowledge, use, dissemination of the Italian and European cinema of quality, that misses appropriate distribution. The Festival also promotes the spread of new technologies of film production, and in particular digital technologies, and diffusion, and knowledge of cinema from countries outside the European Union. The Festival promotes the growth of film culture in Puglia, in southern Italy and is sponsored by the Province of Foggia with the contribution of the Mediterranean Region of Puglia


25th – 27th of November, Jordan

ÉCU in Jordan Special Event

Thanks to the support and participation of The Royal Film Commission of Jordan, ÉCU put on a three day special screening event in Amman, Jordan, at the Royal Film Center. Eight of ÉCU’s 2012 “Official Selection” films were screened. ÉCU-in-Jordan 2012” attendees were  able to view and experience the talented and vibrant independent spirit that keeps independent filmmakers and audiences returning to ÉCU’s Paris festival year after year. Both ÉCU and The Royal Film Commission of Jordan aim of the screening is to promote diversity in the Middle Eastern film culture and encourage more filmmakers to tell their stories.

Read more about our time in Jordan here!


22nd of November

AUBG Short Film Festival, Bulgaria

The second edition of AUGB Short Film Festival “Be brave to create” was held in the American University in Bulgaria with th following screenings from The European Independent Film Festival;

Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of  Love(Hungary), Much Better Now ( Austria), Callum ( UK), Little King ( Greece) , The Game (Poland) and A Box of  Lost and Found Human Sensation (Germany) were part of the program. AUBG Film Fest was founded in 2011 by AUBG alumnus/ECU marketing and communications officer Alexander Acosta Osorio

and it is currently produced entirely by film lovers and AUBG students.

19th – 23rd of November

Nurt Documentary Festival, Poland
Documentary Festival NURT organised by Cultural Center in Kielce, Poland. This year Documentary Festival Nurt, Organized by Cultural Centre in Kielce, Poland, celebrated its 18th edition. The Festival gathers films produced in a certain year in Poland. It is destined at both professional film makers and debutants. Each year there are about 150 documentary films sent to be judged within the Festival by professional JURY consisting of popular Polish filmmakers, journalists and film experts.


3rd of November
The Western Academy of Beijing, China

During this event, held in the BLU Theater in Beijing, ÉCU showcased 9 award-winning films from its 2011 and 2012 Official Selection. This screening was the festival’s first in Asia and another great opportunity to champion the spirit of independent films and filmmaking. Attendees were treated with a unique selection representing amazing independent films from 7 countries from around the world.

Watch the `ÉCU in China” video and get an impression of ÉCU’s interesting week in China!

Read more about our time in China here!

13th – 20th October

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, CYPRUS

The ISFFC has as its main objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting a diverse showcase of short films from Cyprus and from around the globe. It presents work of talented filmmakers who successfully use creative cinematic language forms and effectively tell a story in a short film. An International Jury awards the best shorts in the National and International sections. One of the primary concerns of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus is to accentuate the independence of short films as an art form and to create a special environment and audience for them. Read more


18th – 28th October

Doclisboa, PORTUGAL

Doclisboa proposes a rethinking of the documentary across its respective implications and potentials: cinema thereby representing a practice enabling us to discover new ways and means of conceiving and acting the world. The intimate interrelationship between the artistic and the political is correspondingly assumed as a mode of freedom. With around 150 films and a rigorously and carefully defined program, the 10th edition of Doclisboa strives to ensure a public place for meeting, reflection and debate.

Find out more!


14th –  15th October

Tyrolean Independent Film Festival, AUSTRIA

The Tyrolean Independent Film Festival in and around Innsbruck, Tyrol is organized by experienced professionals. The goal of the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival is to bring exposure to Independent Filmmakers, allowing screenings for the public, industry professionals, and press. Every year they are  inviting industry professionals, financers and sponsors, to give the filmmakers a chance for networking and talking to friends. Great movies in a modern alpine city, that’s the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival. All Movies are watched, decisions are made because of the talents sene, not because of the budget or the filmmakers industry-contacts. Read More



28th September – 6th October

Romania International Film Festival, ROMANIA

With more than 100 film submitted and lots of guests from abroad, our partner Ro-IFF gained international recognition, and despite the ridiculous amount of financing that continues decreasing year by year, it keeps promoting film literacy and Romania’s image around the world. In addition to ÉCU special film screening, the festival extended its invitation to Kadi Lokk, ÉCU’s Festival Manager to become a jury of this year’s Ro-iff.

RIFF festival website.

Read more about our time in Romania here!


21st – 27th September

XI Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival, RUSSIA

The Festival brings together different points of views, cultures and original traditions of the countries that will participate in the competition. In the meantime it shows which is the whole situation in young modern cinematography in order to give young people the possibility to demonstrate their own talent and creativity in cinema field. At this year’s edition ÉCU presented a special programme made up of our 2012 official selection student filmmakers films. Read for more!


17th – 22nd September

Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival, EGYPT

The festival’s main goal is to foster the knowledge and diffusion in Egypt of high quality cinematographic and audiovisual works directed by Egyptian and European filmmakers. The Festival presented more than 50 films, out of which 9 came from ÉCU 2012 Official Selection, and will receive around a hundred guests from Europe and Egypt, among who numerous directors, actors, professionals as well as representatives of the most important Egyptian and European media.

Festival website is more!

Read more about our time in Egypt here!


15th – 22nd September

Naperville Independent Film Festival, USA

Of the 100 films being screened, 23 films were selected by ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival. “All the winners from there come over here, we screen them here; and all the winners from here go over there, they screen them there. They accept films that were nominated and won at other film festivals, and out of the batch of winners, they pick the best. So when we get these films from Europe, they are already the best of the best.”, says Edmond Coisson, founder of the NIFF.

Read more!


12 – 15 September

7th Youth Film Festival and 5th Four River Film Festival, CROATIA

This festival emphasis on films made by young filmmakers aged between 14 – 20 years. The enthusiasm and the mutual connectedness of these young people encouraging creativity, personal growth and expert skills are the foundations of this festival. ÉCU was glad to be part of this year’s edition by hosting a special screening of three ÉCU films from our 2012 festival: Callum, The Time of the Plums and Much Better Now.

HERE is more!


27th July- 3rd August


The largest forum of short films in Russia, the OPEN CINEMA Film Festival kicks off its annual event from July 27th through August 3rd. Held on a beautiful beach on the Neva river at the Peter and Paul fortress, its the only open-air film festival in Russia. The festival will be hosting a special screening for ÉCU: five of our award-winning films from our recent 2012 festival will be shown: Berlinoises by Rocco Labbé (France), A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation by Martin Wallner and Stefan Leuchtenberg (Germany), Maria by Elmar Freels (Germany) , The Return by Blerta Zeqiri (Kosoro), and Zoltan: The Hungarian Gangster of Love by Justin Reardon (USA).

8th – 20th July

Festival Internacional de Cine de Sax, SPAIN

The International Film Festival Sax (FICS) is a young and interesting festival held throughout the month of July in the picturesque town of Sax, near the coast and located in the center of the province of Alicante (Valencia Community ), Spain. All activities and projections are made at night, outdoors and free of charge by squares, museums and cafe-theater here. Besides having with the official internationally competitive short film for any format and type: fiction, animation or documentary, FICS is the only festival in Spain that has a film award Historical Film and one of the few that has a section noncompetitive feature film. The new directors presented to the public on its draft feature film premiere or production of his first feature film with the promotion of the festival. This year the festival hosted a special ÉCU screening of 6 films from our 2012 “Official Selection”.


29th June – 7th July, 2012


IN THE PALACE Film Festival is the first and only festival of its kind in Bulgaria. Located in the quaint and romantic town of Balchik, the festival was first established in 2003.  The title of the festival originated from its venue, an architechural park, called “The Palace.” “The Palace” was summer residence of the British princess and Romanian Queen, Marie of Edinburgh and constructed especially for her upon request.

14th – 17th June, 2012

Outbox Film Festival, Beirut, LEBANON

Breaking down barriers to great independent filmmaking, Outbox International Film Festival invites audiences of all ages and backgrounds to experience their open-air theater. The festival is hosted at the Roman Baths in Beirut where the ancient civilization celebrated cultural events over 2,000 years ago. Submissions are accepted from all countries and genres, providing an “out of the box” experience for everyone. The festival was established in 2010 to expose Lebanese short films to a larger audience.
Read more about the festival here!


30th May, 2012

ÉCU Screening at Cafe Coutume, FRANCE

ÉCU took over the chemistry lab inspired, Café Coutume on Wednesday evening holding its first special screening event since the conclusion of the festival. The area, typically sedate and uneventful, was in full swing with people eager to watch a few of our amazing award-winning films. Following the screening, we were lucky to have the 2012 festival winner, Rocco Labbé who directed “Berlinoises,” in attendance. Labbé captivated the audience with an engaging and extensive Q&A session where he got personal and spoke about his process and filmmaking.

Here is more!

16th – 27th May, 2012

Festival de Cannes, FRANCE

This critically acclaimed festival was originally created to rival that of the Venice Film Festival. After 65 years, the festival hasbecome the most prestigious and perennial of festival in the world. Cannes screens films of all genres, including documentaries from all over. The ultra-chic event is invitation-only and held in the beautiful Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in the south of France. This year’s jury was headed by veteran Italian filmmaker, Nanni Moretti. His panel of judges included high-profile international artists, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Ewen McGregor and Diane Kruger. The luxury event has major media exposure and the ability to dramatically change or determine a country’s artistic image. Check out ÉCU updates from Cannes HERE !
23rd – 25th May, 2011

Inspire Film Festival, Tamworth, UNITED KINGDOM

The Inspire Film Festival is a festival for students, organized by students. It is an essential opportunity for young buddingfilmmakers who want to showcase their work and build an audience for their flair and creativity. For those students who wish to have a career in the Film and Television industry, this festival is a definite must. The three day festival holds films screenings in a variety or genres, as well as provides interesting workshops for attendees.


19th – 22th April, 2012

On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Festival, USA

Think Memphis and you think music: Graceland, Stax, Sun Studios. So its no surprise that On Location Memphis is one film festival where music and movies are the best of buddies, whether its special events like live flamenco at the Rhumba Room or the live blues and rock’n’ roll at the Saturday Night Bash. I mean, how many festivals can boast Isaac Hayes himself as a previous attendee? A non-profit organisation since 1999, the festival has been growing year on year, going from strength to strength with high-profile talent and top quality films. Amongst film-makers, the festival’s all-volunteer staff are legendary for doing their very best to make your stay as relaxed as possible. So where better to experience that classic Southern hospitality – and catch a few great movies while you’re at it?

Read more about the festival here!


29th – 31th March, 2012

Clare Valley Film Festival, AUSTRALIA

The Clare Valley Film Festival, deep in Australia’s Mid-North Region, is saturated with the rich landscape and oral history of its region. This young festival is already “building a reputation as one of the top educationally focused film festivals in regional Australia” ( and in that it stands as a landmark showcase for regional Australian talent and a lighthouse of inspiration for young film-making talent. The interactive, get-involved spirit of the festival is perhaps best exemplified by the Clewers Film Challenge – to script, shoot and cut a three minute film in just 48 hours! Hosted by the Blyth Cinema, Westpac Community Idol of 2005, and MashMosh films, responsible for such internationally recognised docs as The Sweeney – The Life and Work of Jim Sweeney; the Clare Valley Film Festival is an essential stop on any globe-trotting film-lovers itinerary.


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