As I sit here chatting to Max Lincoln, director of UK student film “Thyme,” I am in total awe of his thriving passion and dedication to cinema. 23 years young, Max is the youngest freelance art director I have had the honour of meeting here at ÉCU and his incredible talent is unmistakably evident! Set in a monotone world, his film embraces a quirky, indie style that follows a man that is forced to re-evaluate his patterned lifestyle and discover new advantages of time.

The decision to submit to the ÉCU film festival was influenced by the opportunity to screen in Paris and the event was seen as the perfect place to kick-off the feature. Delighted to be here, Max describes ÉCU as a fantastic organisation and enjoys the close attention as a filmmaker. Although nervous for the audience’s response and unable to hide his anticipation for the screening, Max is excited to see his film on the big screen after months of dedicated work.

One of his standout memories in terms of production highlights involves having the fantastic opportunity to live in the house that was featured in the film – a genuine 1930’s home full of authentic, untouched 1950’s furniture.

Currently Max is working on a new project with the writer of Thyme and looks forward to what his bright future brings.

– Erica

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