Check out the new trailers of the movies submitted for ÉCU 2019 and let us know which are your favorite!

AFLOAT by Riffy Ahmed

AFLOAT, Experimental Film from the United Kingdom, directed by Riffy Ahmed, is a recent submission to ÉCU 2019.
AFLOAT is an experimental narrative film that paints a portrait of Japanese performance artist: Ayumi Lanoire. The film opens as a telephone call between the subject and Person X, which meanders and leads the audience through the various layers that make up her persona leading one to question whether she is in fact a myth or reality.

IT’S A MESS by Frank Prinzi 

IT’S A MESS, directed by Frank Prinzi, is one of ÉCU 2019 submissions into Non-European Dramatic Short category. The fil tells a story of a homeless man (Vincent D’Onofrio) with a troubled past…two young sisters with a dark secret…Part modern day fairytale, part ode to the solitude of New York City nights IT’S A MESS is a study of the loneliness that comes from knowing that in this “civilized” world, innocence and evil are separated only by a fine mist that dissipates after sunset.

THE DUNNS OF BRIXTON by Kevin Conroy Scott

THE DUNNS OF BRIXTON is a UK independent dramatic feature film, directed by Kevin Conroy Scott. Where does an 11-year-old turn when her parents separate? Clarissa Dunn’s mother, Imelda, can’t get her journalism career back on track. Her father Frank, is four years late delivering his novel. Tired of his selfishness, Imelda asks him to move out and soon others move into Clarissa’s life. There’s Frida, the successful author who adores Frank’s reputation. And Robert, the charming bohemian who shows Imelda other ways to enjoy city life. Down but not broken, Clarissa has an idea of how to get them back together. Capturing the trauma of a beleaguered marriage with warmth and humour, THE DUNNS OF BRIXTON shows that sometimes children make the wisest writers of all. In the spirit of American independent film, shot on location in Brixton, London, using local actors and non-professionals.

VEILED by Tala Nahas

VEILED is a European Dramatic Short from the UK, directed by Tala Nahas. All of time is shrouded in the mystery of the Jinn, the unseen veiled figures with the power to possess humans. Whilst looking for answers about the death of her father, photographer Valerie is unknowingly drawn in to the most unholy of love triangles.

OVER THE WALL by Roy Zafrani

A coincidental meeting between an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy leads them to discover that reality is different than what they have been told. OVER THE WALL, by Roy Zafrani, is a Non-European Dramatic Short from Israel, recently submitted to ÉCU 2019!

THE RIGHT NIGHT by Jeremias Nussbaum

“The Right Night” is a French Dramatic Short by Jeremias Nussbaum, new submission to ÉCU 2019. Sacha lives alone in his car by the river. One day he walks, as usually, on the cemetery walls, when his path is disrupted by Sam’s presence. Sitting alone, staring into space, she’s having dark thoughts… This bittersweet tale describes the encounter of two lost souls and tackles the question of life and death in a surprisingly light-hearted and quirky tone.

SEX ED by Alice Seabright

Short Comedy by Alice Seabright, new submission to ÉCU’s 2019!
Ed teaches Sex Education in schools, a job he usually loves. But today, it’s the last thing he wants to do…

SHOOTING IN VAIN by Jared Januschka

“Shooting in Vain”, by Jared Januschka, is a featured film from the US, recently submitted to ÉCU 2019. A look at the heroin epidemic sweeping America, told through the eyes of a struggling artist who lost the love of his life. Still overwhelmed with guilt years after his high school sweetheart’s death, ‘Max’ returns home seeking closure. Instead, he re-experiences the memories of falling in love with her. The mystery of what happened to this alluring young woman unravels as the past plays again the present.


“Behind the Dream” is a student film that was submitted to ECU 2019 by the Taiwanese director Chih-Yuan Lu. The film tells the story of Lin Hsian’s paranormal experience that reveals more than just a murder mystery.


WE COULD BE HEROES by Hind Bendari

A self-taught filmmaker, Hind Bensari submitted her Non-European Documentary film to ÉCU 2019, “We Could Be Heroes” which follows the story of two best friends who have led a life of exclusion attempt a qualification to the Rio Paralympic Games in the hope to find dignity and a chance to belong.


CAVALCADE by Gaetan Saint-Remy

Cavalcade is an experimental film that was directed by Gaetan Saint-Remy and submitted to ÉCU 2019. The film was freely adapted from the book “Cavalcade”, anthropophagous poem by Vincent Tholomé.

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