So many great films coming into ÉCU submissions’ inbox. We thought we’ll give you a sneak peek and share the trailers of some of the received films. Check them out!

VOUDOU MEETS TECHNO by Jørgen Johansen

VODOU MEETS TECHNO is an Experimental Film directed by a Norwegian filmmaker Jørgen Johansen.

SYNOPSIS: Music and rhythm is part of all spiritual traditions. From ancient years to modern years, it has been used as an important element in ceremonies, rites and in the modern clubs; to focus the mind, unify groups, and to transcend ordinary bounds of existence. The film explores this tradition by mixing music from Italian deep techno producer Luigi Tozzi with images from Vodou ceremonies recorded in Haiti. 

TERRY MAC by Pablo Robertson de Unamuno

TERRY MAC is a European dramatic short film from the UK, directed by Pablo Robertson de Unamuno.

SYNOPSIS: Terry is disillusioned with life. As he wanders the streets of London at night, some strange characters beckon him on a strange journey where he must confront his demons from the past.

STUBBORN AS A MULE by Victor Bargès

STUBBORN AS A MULE is a Student Film from France, directed by Victor Bargès.

SYNOPSIS: A car is stopped in the Serbian countryside. A young man, Ulysse, with facial injuries is on the phone. There is not enough money. In the back seat, the refugees try to reason with him.


CARRY MY HEART TO THE YELLOW RIVER is a Non-European Dramatic Short Film Film directed by Alexis Van Hurkman.

SYNOPSIS: Taking her hospitalized friend’s place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan and races the clock to share pictures of the journey.


MOONRISE CARCOSA is a Student Film from the Netherlands, directed by Kevin Tromp.

SYNOPSIS: In a strange and deserted world where time does not seem to exist, Sam wanders alone. While searching for the strength to cope with the loss of his mother, both light and darkness are crossing his path.

THE CHEF by Hao Zheng

THE CHEF is a Non-European Dramatic Short from the United States, directed by Hao Zheng.

SYNOPSIS: In a time when work is done by robots, a traditional Chinese chef is forced to train a Caucasian humanoid to cook Chinese food, but a former protégé of the chef makes this harder by joining an anti-robot riot group.

KIPPA by Lukas Nathrath

KIPPA is a Student Film from Germany, directed by Lukas Nathrath.

SYNOPSIS: Oskar is popular at his new school. But after his classmates find out that he is Jewish, he is threatened and bullied brutally. While the headmaster ignores his parents’ pleas, Oskar has to find his own ways to cope with the humiliations. Based on true events.

SPEECHLESS by Merve Gezen

SPEECHLESS is a Non-European Dramatic Short from Turkey directed by Merve Gezen.

SYNOPSIS: the voices of traumatized children are silenced until they find the strength to make their stories heard. 

KUMAGAI by Mathilde Girard, Auriane Rémond, Julia Berdollt, Abigaëlle Michel and Victoria Lallemand

KUMAGAI is a Student Film from France directed by Mathilde Girard, Auriane Rémond, Julia Berdollt, Abigaëlle Michel and Victoria Lallemand.

SYNOPSIS: Kumagai, a veteran samurai is forced to kill a mysterious opponent on the battlefield. When he comes back home, he has to learn to live again next to his wife but the memory of his deed keeps haunting him and is destroying him day after day.

STRAIGHT FACES by Rally Ridberg

STRAIGHT FACES is a European Comedy Film from the UK directed by Rally Ridberg.

SYNOPSIS: A satirical exploration of homophobia in young men.

CHILDHOOD by Guilhem Coulibaly

CHILDHOOD is a European Music Video from France directed by Guilhem Coulibaly.

SYNOPSIS: A short tale on human existence, where natural and artificial wealth mingle and where the pursuit of happiness is a never-ending process. Partially inspired by his own childhood in the South of France, London-based director Guilhem Coulibaly puts into image L’ENFANT in a meaningful journey through time and life perspective.

THE SHADOWs OF LIGHT by Walter Fanninger

THE SHADOW OF LIGHT is a European Documentary film from Austria directed by Walter Fanninger.

SYNOPSIS: In the midst of the Austrian mountains, somewhere in the country of Salzburg, there is an alp, where once a year something spiritual happens. A festival celebrating the summer solstice with heavy metal sounds and archaic fire rituals. With the bulky and incorruptible Bartholomäus Resch as the master of ceremonies. His occult worlds are defying any attempt of categorization since years – crunching up traditional attributions along left and right like the helpless log in the furious dance of the fire. This festival called ritual gathering goes far beyond classical musical categories. It serves as a bridge between traditional and modern culture, between various styles of musical performance, and between ancient nature and cosmic spirituality.

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