ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is unique in the fact that in addition to a weekend event in Paris it uses its partnership network to promote a selection of the World’s best independent films during its ÉCU-On-The-Road’s global tour.

One of our key objectives is to advance the longevity of the films that we screen in competition at ÉCU’s main event in Paris by giving them a global audience.

Thanks to the help of our partners, which includes film commissions, film schools, and partner festivals, the ÉCU-On-The-Road’s global tour screened films in almost 10 countries last year. Due to the generosity of our partners, we are able to continue screening great independent cinema to audiences who would otherwise not have access.

Here at ÉCU, we believe in the transformative power of a good film. Our goal with this initiative is to take our films on the road so that audiences do not need to move in order for their imaginations to.


Arkadia Short Film Festival in Băicoi, Prahova, Romania

13th-17th August 2019

And… we’re back to Romania! Excited to share some of the best ÉCU shorts with Arkadia ShortFest which will take place towards the end of summer in Băicoi, Prahova, Romania. The programme will include Pater Familias (dir. by Giacomo Boeri), Paradise Lost (dir. by Bruno Brejt), Sydney (dir. by Paul Wyett), Joc (dir. by Andreea Valean) and Augenblicke – A Blink of An Eye (dir. by Kiana Naghshineh). Stay tuned for the full programme.


Cabriolet Film Festival in Beirut, Lebanon

7th – 9th June 2019

ÉCU’s partner for a number of years now, Cabriolet Film Festival explores the theme of UNTOLD. For the 11th time, the festival will take place three consecutive nights on Gemmayzeh Stairs in the heart of Beirut City. Today CFF is not merely a short film festival; it is a conduit where talents are encouraged. ÉCU is delighted to share some of this year’s films with the Lebanese public – more info soon!

Cannes Film Festival

14th – 21st May 2019

ÉCU team went to Cannes for its 72nd edition in May 2019 We spent a whole week talking to great people and spreading the indie word. Most importantly – ÉCU launched a call for submissions for its 15th edition, that will take place in 24th – 26th April 2020. We talked to fantastic filmmakers and hopefully convinced some of them to submit their films. We’re also very proud, as LES MISERABLES by Ladj Ly, which won an award at ÉCU 2018 as a short film, was later made into a feature and was screened in competition in Cannes! 

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