After an amazing summer, ÉCU is back in town, with a lot of work to do and, as always, very much enthusiasm!

Over the last months we have been part of exciting events that made us travelling around the world. Now, back at ÉCU HQ, it’s time to think about next edition and we can’t wait to put all our efforts in making ÉCU 2019 as creative, unique, fun and indie as possible!

We are currently spending our time watching the films that have been submitted to us so far, some of which have been excellent. However, we still want more and we are waiting for the contribution of filmmakers around the world willing to share their works with us.The early bird deadline for submissions is November 18th, and we are excited to finally see what’s going to be part of the official selection for 2019.

In the meanwhile, ÉCU keeps extending its networks of partner festivals, in order to encourage films exchange and circulation, build a strong community of indie films lovers and promote independent film making around the world. In September, many of our friends festivals already took place, such as The Smalls, DC Shorts, Jameson Cinefest, Balinale and Cinalfama, while many more still have to come.

And talking about our friends, the great director Sam Kadi, winner of The Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking, at ÉCU 2016, for his movie “Little Gandhi”, was invited to talk about his works at TEDxSantaBarbara, on September 8th.
Here we want to congratulate again with him as well as wishing him to keep sharing his powerful stories with the whole world.

What else? Well, few more Italians joined the team (just in case the office was not enough of a mess) and September is still giving us sunny days, so enjoy la bella vita until you can!
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