francois-cluzetFrançois Cluzet is a famous French theatre and film actor. However, internationally he is most likely best known for his role as the paralysed rich man Philippe in the hit „The Intouchables“ (Les intouchables) which came out in 2011. In March 2012, the film even managed to become the highest-grossing non-English language film yet released!
ÉCU is interested in the actor François Cluzet, because he played in several „Nouvelle Vague“ films, but also managed to achieve international success which shows his diverse acting talent and makes him unique.

François Cluzet was born on 21st of September 1955 in Paris, where he also spent all of his childhood and youth. He started his acting career in 1976 where he played in several theatre productions and celebrated his first screen appearance in the film „Cocktail Molotov“ in 1979. He furthermore collaborated with the famous French film director Claude Chabrol who was heavily involved in the „Nouvelle Vague“ (French New Wave) cinema. François Cluzet took an acting role in Claude Chabrol‘s family drama „Cheval d‘orgueil“ and worked two years later again with the famous French director in his film „Les Fantômes du chapelier“. Furthermore, the two continued their collaboration in 1988 with the film „Une affaire des femmes“, in 1994 when François Cluzet acted in Chabrol‘s film „L‘Enfer“ and in 1997 where Cluzet appeared in Chabrol‘s movie „Rien ne va plus“.

François Cluzet has worked together with many famous French directors, most of whom had an affiliation towards dramatic works such as Bertrand Tavernier (Round Midnight 1885). Another example is Pierre Jolivet for whose film („Force majeure“ 1998), Cluzet received a César nomination for best second male role.

François Cluzet had his first appearance in international cinema in 1994, when he played in Robert Alman‘s film „Prêt-à-porter“ and also starred in Lawrence Kasdan‘s romantic movie „French Kiss“ next to Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Nevertheless, he decided to return to French cinema in 1995 where he acted in the movie „Les Apprentis“ for which he even received a César nomination for best actor. Moreover, he appeared in French films such as „L‘Examen de minuit“ (1998) and „Janis et John“ (2003) where François Cluzet played the double of John Lennon.

The year 2006 was very successful for the famous French actor. Firstly, he starred in the film „Quatre étoiles“ and furthermore played the part of a doctor, who is suspected of a double homicide, in the thriller „Tell No One“. For this performance, he received the César Award for best actor in 2007. However, his biggest international and national success was, as mentioned above, with the film „The Intouchables“ in 2011.francois-cluzet_1121

Anna-Louisa Werner

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