Summer is officially over. But don’t worry about it! Paris is an amazing city to discover and October is full of thrilling events that will make you smoothly forget about the old sunny days. Here are some of our tips!

Nuit Blanche (October 6th)

As the days shorten and autumn heralds winter, the Nuit Blanche event in Paris invites you to see the city in a different way, at night, lit by moonlight, neons and other lights.
On October the 6th, in every part of the city, national and international artists will be proposing installations, exhibitions, concerts performances, trails, staged scene sets and creations that explore all facets of contemporary art and offer a new view of the city.
Public transport stays open all night so that you can enjoy as much as you can from 7p.m. to 7 a.m. and then come back home comfortably. 
Take the chance to experience amazing Paris by night.

Il était une fois Sergio Leone (October 10th – January 27th)

Passionate about western movies? Starting from October, The French Cinematheque promises a beautiful exhibition dedicated to one of the big names in world cinema: Sergio Leone. The Italian director revolutionised the dusty western genre in the 60s, with films as mythical as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the essence of the spaghetti western, sublimated by the music of Ennio Morricone and the presence of Clint Eastwood. The director died in 1989 after delivering the last masterpiece of his rich career: Once upon a time in America. 
A beautiful retrospective that cinema lovers, and not only, cannot miss!

MaMa (17th – 19th October) 

A call to all the music lovers! In eight editions, MaMa managed to impose itself as one of the key international event in terms of professional meetings and festivals, it also succeeded its double bet in bringing together all the musical network and an always growing public for three days and around a top-of-the-range lineup. On Wednesday October 17, Thursday October 18 and Friday October 19, 2018, MaMa Festival will take over Montmartre and Pigalle in Paris 18th arrondissement. For three days, be ready to attend over 120 concerts in mythical venues to make the best of music and attend conferences.

Indiecade Paris (19th-20th October)

Hey indie geeks! Indiecade Europe, the festival of independent games and its cycle of conferences returns to Paris, October 19th-20th, as part of the Paris Games Week. Developers from all over the world come together in Paris to show off their mesmerizing works.Top industry experts will join over two days of talks around creative industries, community support, and tools & technologies. There’s something for everyone, from experienced designers and veteran artists to folks just getting started.

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