The Kabelvåg Kunstfilmfestival is finally seeing daylight this November, after local initiatives have materialized into more than just after-party-ideas in early hours of the morning.

The small village of Kabelvåg has its roots deep in the fishing traditions of northern Norway. Despite location half-way to the North Pole, the village also boasts a well-established film and art school, a photo college and a considerable amount of local artists who form a vibrant creative community.

For three days in November the festival will present lectures and screenings in intimate venues in and around Kabelvåg by contributors from all around the world.

November is the start to the dark part of the arctic year, as the hours of daylight get shorter, and the colors of autumn are traded for the colors of the Aurora Borealis. It is at this point that we will host the first ever art film festival in Norway.

This first year will be a test and an introduction for both the crew and the audience, but the festival has all the tools it needs to succeed.

Kabelvåg Kunstfilmfestival wants to encourage the introduction of independent art and film to a mainstream audience, but also to educate and inspire the ambitious filmmakers of the future.

Welcome to Kabelvåg and the Lofoten Islands!

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