May has been extra busy month for all of the ÉCU-ers and ÉCU-ettes. There was so many things going on that it was hard to keep track of everything: Cannes, opening up submissions for ÉCU 2012, starting the ÉCU Membership Club and preparing for the “ÉCU-on-the-Road” tour. Whew!

For the very first time ÉCU had a big team down in Cannes in order to bring you live updates from the Festival de Cannes with interviews, photos, videos, cool articles etc. We also had many interesting meetings which will hopefully lead to something good- well at least they got all of us very excited! By the way did you know, that for just 20 euros, you can buy a temporary day pass for the Cannes festival, which will give you free access to the Palais and international village. Well, we didn’t until three days before we had to leave, so guess where we spent our last days:) Of course in the Palais talking to the filmmakers in the SHort FIlm Corner and out in the International Village meeting people from all over the world – from Jordan, UK and Estonia to Georgia, Australia and yep, even Mongolia…

While in Cannes we opened up for submissions for the seventh edition of ÉCU, which will be taking place from the March 30th to the April 1st 2012. Once films start arriving we will be posting trailers up on ÉCU’s Vimeo and FilmAnnex sites – hopefully you will go to check them out and leave your comments. Like ÉCU 2011 there are twelve categories, twenty awards – and the big prize- “Europe’s Best Independent Film 2012“ is up for grabs. Filmmakers can submit via Withoutabox (by clicking on the handy tab on our website www.É We all eager to see a new wave of creative and innovative films that will shortly come rolling in through the door!

Another exciting thing on the near horizon is our 2011’s “ÉCU on the Road” tour. First stop is the the UK and The Ispire Film Festival which is taking place on the 10-12th June. ÉCU will be screening “Stanley Pickle”, winner of the student category at ÉCU 2011, and Scott will be there to talk to young and inspiring filmmakers. After the UK, we will continue our tour and go to Italy, Portugal, USA, Russia, Jordan, Romania, Georgia to show a selection of ÉCU 2011’s award winning films.

And last but not least, ÉCU is having a special screening at Café Coutume in Paris, where we will be screening two winners from ÉCU 2011- Paths of Hate and Salam Rubgy. This is the first of our year-round Special Screenings Event in Paris. Want to be part of them? Simply join the ÉCU Members Club and for just 15 euros per you will have a free access to all of these special events.

Like I said, there are many things going on. So keep yourself updated on our webpage and social media channels because believe me, you don’t want to miss out.


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