ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is pleased to announce the 2020 finalists of the “Much More Than a Script Competition” for its 15th edition. We are proud to once again fulfill our goal of giving an audience to all the creative and talented script writers out there. The competition this year has been very tough, but our judges have carefully selected three shorts scripts and three feature length scripts that will compete for the final prize.

The winners of each category will be announced at the festival’s award ceremony on Sunday, April 26th.

The finalists in the ÉCU 2020 edition are:

Short Scripts


By Wagner Cardeña

Country: France

In a small village shocked by the killing of three children, a group of parents interrogate a stranger. The questions will soon turn into violence.


By Gahee Lee

Country: USA

A depressed old lady, who had caused the loss of her husband, goes back to the day they met for the first time 30 years ago


By Roxana Stroe and Ana Maria Gheorghe

Country: Romania

Sam (17) spends his time with his friends, committing petty crimes and riding motorcycles. Raelynn is a Protestant girl raised by her father, the local pastor, in a strictly religious manner. Sam falls for Raelynn and starts following her daily and attending church services, just to see her. Soon Sam becomes Raelynn’s miraculous savior, her first and only love. The entire community is against them. He plans to run away with Raelynn, but things get out of hand.

Feature Scripts


By Paul Hunt

Country: UK

A postman hides his diagnosis of early onset dementia when his son commits suicide. As he deals with his own grief and that of his wife those who knew him are blinded to his worsening symptoms.


By Amaury Hayat

Country: France

To achieve her dream and go to Oxford, Sarah, a young student with a strong character, finds herself forced to work with Arnaud, the best student of the math department. However, Arnaud is unfriendly, strange and disinterested in the project. And in his own corner, he works on a secret project that is quite coveted and awakens the ghosts of the past of his professors.


By Maria Jose Moreno

Country: Germany

In Colombia’s illegal gold mines, a peaceful protest turned into a riot, and the riot turned into a war. This is the story of the war for Gold amid the world’s demand for high-technology. A union leader, a no-future teenager, and a tourist are caught up in the strike, while illegal armed groups take over a village to fight for the gold’s control.

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