ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival is blessed with a creative, international and talented team with a great passion for independent films. But ÉCU is more than just a 3-day festival in Paris – check out the videos and find out what we do and where we’ve been! Curious about the crazy ÉCU interns? Click on InternBuzz to get a glimpse into what goes on in the ÉCU office.

So, just what is ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival? Check out the video below:

Live at ÉCU 2019
Take part in the opening and closing ceremonies, have a look at the Q&As with the directors, actors and other members of the cast, discover #SheShoots the special female discussion panel, experience all the afterparties in the city of lights!


ÉCU 2019 Filmmakers Interviews
Many filmmakers have attended the 14th edition of ÉCU in Paris from the 5th to the 7th of April. We asked them about their inspiration, creative process and lots of curiosities. Find out what the filmmakers have to say about their film and the festival!


ÉCU 2019
Have a look at all the crazy things we’re up to at the moment: from Cannes film festival to Halloween fun or our love for the ÉCU’s Much More Than a Script Competition. Stay tuned for the videos of the festival during the weekend of 5th-7th April!


ÉCU 2018 Filmmakers Interviews
We interviewed a bunch of people during ÉCU 2018, which took place in Paris on 4th-6th May. All different, all unique, all wonderful. Check out what they have to say about their films!



ÉCU 2018
So many great things have happened in 2018: wonderful interns, successful edition of the festival, fantastic people we’ve met, and, most importantly, lots of great indie films screened not only in Paris, but all around the World. Check out what we’ve been up to!<>



Get to know our ÉCU Interns
Here at ÉCU our interns hold a great responsibility towards the success of the festival due to their hard work. Get to know them and what makes them tick!



Egypt, Greece, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain and much-much more… want to know where else in the world ÉCU team has been in the search for the best independent films? Where is ÉCU organising great on-the-road events? Maybe you can’t travel with us, but you can take a look at our recaps.


The European Independent Film Channel
In conduction with ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival, EuroIFC (euroifc.com) screens the best independent films from around the world. Get a glimpse of this great platform! Hundreds of videos are up already (shorts, features, animations, experimental works, music videos) and new content going up weekly!



Episode 29 – Office Rules: No Cables on the Floor! Do whatever you can to help out your coworkers and facilitate everyone’s job in the office, leaving cables lying around is the opposite of that! Be careful to follow the rules…. except when making a film, in that case you basically get to do whatever the hell you want! Show us how crazy you are by showing us your films ;)

Episode 28 – Office Rules: ÉCU always has a cap! Our ÉCU interns are taught from the very first day to pay attention to each detail… starting from the cap on “ÉCU”! However, it’s a principle to follow generally in life to make sure everything works smoothly and according to our plans. Plus, sometimes, details are what ultimately makes the difference! Don’t forget that when making your films!

Episode 27 – Surviving the Parisian Heatwave: The record-breaking heatwave that hit Paris a few weeks ago was certainly tough to bear, but somehow we did it… even with no air conditioning in the office! Check out this video to see how we did it :)

Episode 26 – A Day in ÉCU interns life: Ever wondered what it’s like to work at an independent film festival? Here’s a typical day in an intern’s life here in Paris… one thing is sure: at ÉCU we never get bored! If you think you can keep up with our creative, engaging and sometimes a little crazy work environment, apply for an internship, we have cookies!!

Episode 25 – How well do ÉCU interns know each other? : How old is Anna? Where is Esteban from? Why does Nicole intern at ÉCU? Which pizza is the best? ÉCU interns are put to test to see how well do they know each other.

Episode 24 – Italians in the office : Ciao a tutti! ÉCU’s office is usually a very international environment, but this year is mostly an ITALIAN environment! Check out our Italian interns typical day in the office!

Episode 23 – A-Z ÉCU Intern Requirements : Adventurous, Badass, Creative…these are just a few words that begin to describe our interns. Check out our complete A-Z guide to intern life and see if you have what it takes to be an ÉCU intern!

Episode 22 – Join ÉCU Film Festival : Creative, inventive, original, visionary, inspired, crazy, weird? Do you think you fit into this? Then the new beautiful nomad could be you! Show us what you can do and join our crew to learn, create and have fun!

Episode 21 – ÉCU  Interns Present… : We here at ÉCU thought it was time to give you a deeper look at what we’re all about (through the eyes of our interns)! Passion, professionalism, and positivity are the values we uphold, and we made this video in the hopes of showing you just that!

Episode 20 – Interning at ÉCU: Being a part of ÉCU is usually surrounded by myths and mysteries. Our interns decided to reveal common misconceptions they encounter and show what it is really like to be an ÉCU intern.

Episode 19 – Intern Buzz 2014How would you describe indie films? The ÉCU team grabbed the camera gear to shoot an Intern Buzz and to give you some keywords about how working in this crazy world is.

Episode 18 – French Lessons: Do you like indie films? Interested in working in a multicultural environment? Oh, and “parlez-vous français?” Well in that case you really should watch the following video!

Episode 17 – Occupy ÉCU: As street movements are taking place all around the world, ÉCU couldn’t just stay behind. Independent and revolutionary in spirit, the interns at ÉCU are inviting the filmmakers all around the world to “occupy” ÉCU’s 2014 with their movies!

Episode 16 – The Italian Way: Ciao a tutti! Italians are known for using gestures when they communicate. Our Italian interns came up with a way to promote the submissions for ÉCU 2014! Check it out!

Episode 15 – Race Relay: There is something happening on this special day the 29th of March. And it should be done on time, so ÉCU interns need to run through the whole city of Paris. What is it about? Check out the ÉCU Relay Race!

Episode 14 – The ÉCU Team in “Midnight in Paris”The ÉCU Team reinterprets Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris” to promote submissions for ÉCU 2014. Check out what these great characters from the past think about The European Independent Film Festival…and write history of the independent cinema with us!

Episode 13 – Come to ÉCU 2013 for a Fantastic Weekend!Only a few days to go! ÉCU will kick off its 8th edition on Friday the 29th of March. What is ÉCU and why should you not miss this event? The ÉCU team and the people in Paris will give you the answer in this video. Check it out and come to ÉCU for a fantastic weekend!

Episode 12 – Harlem Shake ÉCU 2013 – Office EditionÉCU staff knows how to shake!

Episode 11 – PowerballWhat does Powerball Gyroscope have in common with an independent film festival? Well running a film festival is just as easy as making a Powerball rotate. But ÉCU interns can do everything… Right?!

Episode 10 – The End of the World: the Day AfterThe day when the world supposed to go down is over, but what happens in the ÈCU office? Oscar was left alone with the whole work and used to manage it on his own all night long. But what about the rest of the crew and what is going on the next day? Check out the sequel of the story “The End of the World”.

Episode 9 – The End of the WorldIt’s the 21st December 2012, the day when Maya predicted the end of the world. So… it’s Oscar’s fault that no one is in the ECU office to work! And how are we going to survive?…

Episode 8 – ÉCU Last Days BluesOur festival wouldn’t be as successful as it is if it weren’t for the tireless effort of all the people who volunteer every year. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end as it has for our Spanish intern Marisol who sadly returned back home. This InternBuzz shows you all the experiences of Marisol during her 2 months at ÉCU!

Episode 7 – ÉCU 2013 Intern Surviving In ParisIt has been a hard time for our new interns at ÉCU. Facing a different environment and most importantly, adopting to the French culture! See how our interns have been struggling to survive in Paris but no worries; Be yourself at ÉCU and Paris will love you!

Episode 6 – Ireland vs. FranceA little story of love and hate between our interns! On the one hand France, on the other, Ireland, common areas and debates, ending in a new friendship!

Episode 5 – ÉCU’s Guide to Italian Gestures: Over the years ÉCU has had interns from all over the World. But for some reason for the last two years we have had Italians, and more Italians and now even more. We decided we needed a guide to help us to understand them.

Episode 4 – The Italian JobCheck out our “Intern Buzz” of the month with two of our beautiful Italian interns!

Episode 3 – All the MissesAll the Misses in the office/ Miss who?/ Who is Miss Denmark? The ÉCU office is a cultural mix of people who run in and out every day. That is why names of ÉCU interns can be difficult to remember sometimes. Here is Marie’s aka Miss Denmark story.

Episode 2 – First DayMarta and Bernice relive their first experiences at the office. Their bizarre tales will make you either want to throw yourself at ÉCU’s doorstep and beg to be an intern, or run away slightly confused…

Episode 1 – Ed Who?Welcome to the ÉCU office, where the sun always shines, the interns are content, the films are superb and… Ed is the boss?

Past editions

ÉCU in Cannes 2017 – ÉCU team visited Cannes Film Festival 2017 looking for best filmmaking talents from around the world. We also found about 10 new partners, that share the love and passion for independent filmmaking. How did it go? Well, check it out!

ÉCU 2017 Filmmakers Interviews – Have a look at the interviews with ÉCU’s 2017 Official Selection filmmakers who were present at the 12th edition of the festival. They are cool, they are hip, and most importantly – they are indie. And too much indie is never enough :)

Live at ÉCU 2017 – ÉCU 2017 took place on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of April, 2017 in Les 7 Parnassiens and Le Lincoln cinemas in Paris. Have a look at what happened during the 3-day festival – day wraps, after parties, #SheShoots discussion panel and much more – another great year with great people.

ÉCU 2016 Filmmakers Interviews  – Meet ÉCU 2016 Official Selection filmmakers that came to 11th edition of the festival. ÉCU screens the best independent films from around the world and talk to the filmmakers who made them!

Live at ÉCU 2016 – Check out ÉCU 2016 day wraps and Saturday’s afterparty at the Supersonic club. We had so much fun thanks to groovy performances by Michael Dallin, Kristin Shey and Valentin Katter and all the fabulous people. It was indeed a year to remember…

ÉCU 2015 Filmmakers Interviews – They come from New Zealand, from Paris and from the Middle East: meet ÉCU 2015 Official Selection filmmakers. They are cool and they are indie and absolutely thrilled to be part of the 10th edition of The European Independent Film Festival. This is some great indie filmmaking talent here, so make sure you check them out.

Live at ÉCU 2015 – Could not attend ÉCU 2015 over the weekend of April 10th-12th? No worries, ÉCU staff worked really hard to bring you some great live updates from the event – so check out these videos and be part of this cool weekend.

ÉCU 2015 Extras – ÉCU is not something we plan just a couple of months before the event, it is a whole year of hard work. Here’s what happened before and after ÉCU 2015. From out intern profiles to cool promo videos to videos shot around Paris – here is definitely something for everyone’s taste.

ÉCU in Cannes 2014 – Searching for the best independent films takes us far and wide and sometimes we even get to enjoy the glam and red carpets with the biggest film stars. Get all of the behind-the-scenes updates from ÉCU’s trip to the famed Cannes Film Festival 2014 in the French Riviera.

ÉCU 2014 Filmmaker Interviews – The festival is over, but words of wisdom from our filmmakers are never-ending. Check out these interviews with the minds behind the films from ÉCU 2014 Official Selection.

Live at ÉCU 2014 – Missed out on the most important independent film event in Europe? Don’t worry. You can live vicariously through the ÉCU team, who broadcasted live from the 9th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Kind of feels like you were there, doesn’t it? :)

ÉCU 2014: “My Favorite Film” – ÉCU staff knows your movies and is happy to share with you their opinion on some of the great indie films from our this year’s selection. Hear their top picks from the worldwide ÉCU 2014 Official Selection – don’t agree? Well, then let us know your thoughts.

ÉCU 2014 Extras – Curious as to what went on in preparation for and after this year’s ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival? Check out this exclusive content to see what our amazing and hard-working staff has been up to in order to bring you the best indie festival weekend ever!

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