This year, ÉCU-The European Independent Film Festival has established a partnership with Human Hotel and Maison Montmartre in order to help its participants to find an accommodation in Paris during the days of the festival.

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Human Hotel is a curated home-sharing community for filmmakers and other creatives to host, meet and support each other.

Human Hotel offers to all the participants of the ÉCU film festival a 20% discount on their Community Booking Fee, just write the code “ECU” in your profile’s “Recommended by” field.

You can book your stay with Human Hotel HERE.

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Timhotel Gare Montparnasse at 22 rue de l’Arrivée is conveniently located near the festival location.

Timhotel place at the film festival participants’ disposal a wide choice of rooms at special prices:

  • Single room at 115€ per night;
  • Double room at 125€ per night;
  • Triple room at 155€ per night.

If you wish to book your stay with Timhotel email

You can check their website HERE.

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The Hôtel Celtic is located in 15 rue d’Odessa at only 5 minutes walking from the Cinema les 7 Parnassiens and from the Montparnasse station.

Hôtel Celtic offers a special price for ÉCU participants: 80€ per night for a double room.

For making a reservation and more information check their website HERE.

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The Hotel Maison Montmartre at 32 avenue Porte de Montmartre will offer a special deal for the participants of ÉCU: 109€ B&B for a premium room during the nights of the festival. Go on their website, select “Tarif promotionnel / Tarif d’entreprise” and insert the promo code “ECUFILMFEST”.

If you wish to book your stay with Maison Montmartre visit their website HERE or email

You can check their website HERE.

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