What people are saying about The European Independent Film Festival

From the director of Muse of Fire: Thanks for hosting a great festival and for inviting me to show Muse of Fire in Paris. I think you have a great little festival and you will look back years from now and realize that you’ve started a very fine thing. I particularly liked the way people were hurrying around unwilling to miss anything. By Sunday it had blossomed into a very cool experience when filmmakers, like myself, stepped out of their own vanity about their own pieces and started to realize there was a lot to see and learn from others. That summarizes a great festival for me, where you leave enriched by others’ works as well as getting good impression of the way people react to you own work.

From the director of God’s Great Pleasure: Hi, Scott! Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for a GREAT time in Paris! I am just back in LA, and already, my email box is full with notes from Jan-Willem (director of “Nu”), Marianna, Paul Anderson, Iain McLaughlin, etc… At the fest, I got approached by a London-based agent, offered a part in a feature, and also got some distrib. interest… I’d say it was a dandy weekend! Wouldn’t you!? Thank you for all your hard work, and that of your volunteers…

From the director of NU: Hey Scott, Just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing time in Paris. Me and my crew enjoyed the festival very much. You did a fantastic job getting everything screened in so little time and still managing to fill up the theatres (even on Saturday morning ;)). I hope the festival will grow bigger and bigger every year. You have an ambassador in Holland, that’s for sure. I will make sure people here know about it.

From the producer / actor of Anonymous: Hello friends. Thank you very much for your festival. It was great in all senses. I met such a nice people who really love cinema.

From the director of Speed Dating: Scott Hi! I just want to thank you for the experience at the weekend it was great to see the audience reaction to the film. We are very happy with the audience award as they are the ones who will pay to see our movie (hopefully).
From the director of Mirage: Hello, I am so honored to have won the award for Best Animated Film. This award is really encourage me to keep focusing on my own independent animation. Thank you very much for all your support.
From the director of The Windmill Boy: Hi, Thanks for a great weekend, it was an amazing experience to meet so many great film makers and have my film shown in such a fantastic location! Thank you again.
From the director of Silent Radio: To the Staff of the Festival! A great festival. Thanks for giving such recognition to “Silent Radio”. I was blown away when I heard the announcements for the two awards.

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