What people are saying about The European Independent Film Festival 2008

From the director of Déplacés: I was really pleased with the quality of the line up, the content of the workshops, the music and above all the atmosphere. I enjoyed myself, was running all over and many visual ideas I saw inspired me. I was fustrated because I wanted to see more of the films, attend more of the workshops…so this is a strong sign that ÉCU 2008 was a success. Please keep it this way. The priveldged access to other professionals is another great point. I am now in contact with Andrzej Wolf who wants to show ‘Déplacés’ on Polish TV and we did a 10 minute interview yesterday. I will keep you posted regarding the outcome there. But thanks!

From the director of My Home, Your War: Just wanted to say a big thank you for putting on a wonderful festival. I felt ÉCU had much to offer. A great selection of films, stylish venue and lots of passionate filmmakers and all staged in beautiful Paris. I also appreciate your support of My Home, Your War.

From the director of The Magic: Just wanted to say many thanks to you and Scott and of course everyone for a great festival. It’s always good as a filmmaker to get such a great response! Also please could you give me some contact info for the film ‘Tony Zoreil’ as I would like to work with their cameraman on my next project.ÝAll the best and hope to see you all again in 09!
From a member of the public: Every day I try to log on to view the ÉCU film selections. I’m impressed with the creativity and the quality of the films entered at the ÉCU festival. The dreams and sheer determination of the filmmakers is amazing and inspirational. Artists with dreams and vision are often too soon stifled — and their voices silenced — without support. THANK YOU ALL at the festival for all of your hard work in giving a voice and a platform to these visionaries — to bring them closer to living their dreams. You all have much to be proud of.

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