The European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU), in partnership with G-Technology by Hitachi, is delighted to announce the Official Selection. ÉCU 2010 will showcase 67 films from 26 countries on the 12th, 13th and 14th of March in Paris, France.

European Dramatic Short (27)

Blocked (Norway)

Boiler (UK)
Ca Roule (France)
Champagne Supernova (Spain)
City Game (France)
Committed (Iceland)

Con Dos Años de Garantia / Two-Year Guarantee (Spain)
Curtains (UK)
Das Paket (Germany)
Deux Minutes (France)
En Darlig Dag / A Bad Day (Denmark)
Entwined (Scotland)
High/Low (France)
Konvex-T (Sweden)
Légende de Jean l’Inversé / Legend of John the Inverted (Belgium)
Lost Paradise (France)
Marginal Note (Germany)
Milk Man (UK)
Not yet (UK)
Prayer (France)
Scissu (Germany)
Spunkbubble (UK)
Take A Way (Switzerland)
Tarantyno (Romania)

The Happy Life (Greece)
Tutto Da Sola (Italy)

Vanni Mouse (Norway)

European Dramatic Feature (4)

Dreaming Mali (Germany)
Four Roses (Belgium)

Godforsaken (UK)
Las 2 Vidas de Andrés Rabadán / The 2 Lives of Andrés Rabadán (Spain)

European Documentary Short (5)

Ahate Pasa / Duck Crossing (Spain)

Catedral (Spain)
Emos (Germany)
Przygoda Szczepan (Poland)
Reaching Rosie (UK)

European Documentary Feature (7)

Addicted in Afghanistan (UK)
Das Kind (France)
Skynd Dig Hjem / Hurry Home (Denmark)
Last Supper for Malthus (Switzerland)
Malagasy Gospel (Spain)
Securitate Hunter (Romania)
Tenacity on the Tasman (UK)

Animation (3)

Café (Portugal)
Let There Be Sound (Germany)
Trolley Boy (Ireland)

Student (13)

Amoklove (Germany)
Clouds Fly West (Bulgaria)
Deadside (UK)

Él Nunca Lo Haría / He’d Never Do That (Spain)
Housewoman (UK)
Ink (Portugal)
Ludwig-265 (Russia)
Mio Sovversivo Amore (Italy)
Recto Recto Gancho (Mexico)
The Father (Slovakia)
The Highest Low (UK)

Yael (UK)
Zerowards (France)

Non-European Dramatic Short (5)

Patient (Canada)
Smoorvelief (South Africa)
The Magician (USA)
The Miraculous Tale of the Children Dubois (USA)
Things You Should Know about a Woman (USA)

Non-European Dramatic Feature (1)

The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce (Australia)

Non-European Documentary (1)

Dhobi Ghaat (Pakistan)

Ecology Now! (1)

The Last Giants (Germany)

Made on Mobile (1)

Scared Boy (Portugal)

Experimental (5)

A Clock’s Dream (Cyprus)
Beta Test (Greece)
Ora Che Marlene (Italy)
Planar (Spain)

Schizophrenie (Austria)

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