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Le Relais de L’Entrecôte
Address : 101 Boulevard du Montparnasse
Tel : 01 46 33 82 82
If you’re a meat eater this is a perfect place to wine and dine. Enjoy a great steak with a wide selection of wine to choose from and be sure to taste their famous sauce!
Dietetic Shop
Address: 11 Rue Delambre
Tel: 01 43 35 39 75
Looking for a healthy meal? A small restaurant located in front of the backdoor of the cinema. Perfect for a light meal and refreshing drink in a peaceful atmosphere.
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La Coupole
Address : 102 Boulevard Montparnasse
Tel : 01 43 20 14 20
Enjoy an excellent collection of wine in one of the oldest brasseries in Paris. Come enjoy a beautiful décor full of history while eating a great meal.
Indiana Café
Address: 77 avenue du Maine
Tel: 01 43 22 50 46
Great spot for an early drink, a bite to eat or just to grab an espresso on the go!
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Korean Barbecue
Address: 22 Rue Delambre
Tel: 01 43 35 44 32
Reasonably priced Korean restaurant. Come to discover the quality and the variety of this food.
Address: 4 Rue Vavin
Tel : 01 42 22 66 86
Here you can enjoy authentic homemade Italian gelato with a rich and creamy taste. (2 rue de la Gaité)
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Café L’Atelier
Address: 95 boulevard Montparnasse
Tel: 01 45 44 98 81
In the mood for happy hour? Enjoy a drink on the terrace and if you’re hungry grab a bite to eat as well.
Ti Jos
Address: 30 Rue Delambre
Tel: 01 43 22 57 69
Discover a traditional crêperie. Order any kind of crêpe along with some cider in this cozy pub. Keep in mind their happy hour is from 19h to 21h.
Café Noisette
Address: 26 Rue Delambre
Tel : 01 43 20 64 49
Enjoy some Italian and French cuisine.With a great selection from cheeses to seafood, this little café is a typical wine bar.
For more crêperies, take a walk down Rue du Montparnasse. This street is filled with a several crêperies. You are bound to find one one that suits your taste on this street!
If it’s a sunny day take a 15 minute stroll to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Soak up the sun and enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in Paris.
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Shannon Pub
Address: 23 Rue Bréa
Tel: 01 43 26 34 70
A pub that attracts a varied crowd any night of the week. You are bound to have a good time while meeting some cool people in this grungy little pub.
The Financier
Address : 15 Rue du Départ
Tel : 01 40 47 60 33
In the mood for a cold beer? Stop by this typical English pub conveniently located in the heart of Montparnasse.
parnassiens- 11 Librarie Thierry Garnier
Address: 10 rue Stanislas
This library has a wide selection of books ranging in subjects pertaining to psychology and behavioral sciences. Have an interest in the field pop by and browse through their selection.
Théatre de la Gaité Montparnasse
Address : 26 Rue de la Gaîté
Tel : 01 43 20 60 56
Opened in 1868, this famous Parisian theater offers popular plays and one man shows.
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Address: 20 Rue de la Gaîté
Tel : 01 43 27 24 24
In the great neighborhood of Gaité Montparnasse, this mythical Music-Hall offers great shows.
Les Galeries Lafayette
Address: 22 rue du Départ
Forgot something at home? This French shopping mall will allow you to find anything you need.
Pharmacie Montparnasse
Addresse : 3 Rue Départ
Tel : 01 43 20 70 22
In case of an emergency!

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