Jeff Gross – Scriptwriting
Saturday April 2nd 12:00- 13:00
7 Parnassiens Cinema

Jeff Gross attended both UC Santa Cruz and UCLA, and completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Languages. He currently resides in Paris. Gross has written over 30 screenplays for feature films, shorts, documentaries, and stage plays, and has collaborated on several projects with other renowned directors and writers, including Roman Polanski, Paul Hills and Mark Hammond. He is the author of seven novels and one play, and he directed a 52 minute documentary, “Looking for 30 People”, about the Sundance film festival. Most recently, he directed a 30-minute short film, entitled “Monsieur Boulo.” Due to his widespread experience, his workshop will consist of a variety of subjects and will mainly focus on the paths of writing. He will also discuss a project that he has recently been working on.

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Elliot Grove Pic

Elliot Grove – “99 Minute Film School”
Sunday April 3rd 11:25- 13:05
7 Parnassiens Cinema

Elliot Grove is a filmmaker and the founder of Raindance as well as The British Independent Film Awards. He has produced films such as “The Living and the Dead” as well as “Table 5”. He will be presenting dozens of crucial filmmaking tips and will be explaining the basics of shooting a film and launching your own career. The workshop will entail the essentials you will need in order to create your own successful film. Some of the topics that he will be touching upon include finding a do-able script, finding cast and crew, shooting tips, getting your film seen, the career ladder, distribution and exhibition along with money and how to get paid. He reveals the tricks of the trade from his experience all in just 99 minutes!

Alan Arrivée – Scriptwriting & Directing
Saturday April 2nd 10:45- 11:45
7 Parnassiens

Alan Arrivée is a filmmaker and writer who is currently an Assistant Professor of Theatre & Cinema at The Univerisity of Mississippi. He has had previous experience as Director of Theatre & Cinema at Missouri Western State University. He is best known for his work on the short film, “Silent Radio” in which he was the writer, director and producer in 2007. Alan is also a professional actor and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity as well as the University Film & Video Association and the Austin Film Society. His workshop is on the art of scriptwriting and directing. His technique is based on the participants own involvement, interaction and participation in various exercises.


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Master Class: Yann Malcor – Editing
Saturday April 2nd 13:05- 14:05
Action Christine

Yann Malcor is an editor who has worked on several films such as, “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain” and “La Rafle”. He has worked with Lucas Belvaux, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Aun Zhou, Maria Pacome and Artus DePenguern. His workshop will consist of explaining the complex relationship between the director and the editor along with a demonstration with footage of a film he has worked on called “La Rafle”.

Mathieu Weschler – Video Art & Filmmaking
Sunday April 3rd 13:05- 14:05
Action Christine

Mathieu Weschler studied at the University of Bordeaux, France. Since then he has produced several ads for the Internet and TV. In 2010 he finished his thriller “The Trashmaster” which is made entirely with the 3D engine of the GTA 4 video game. During his workshop he will be discussing how video art can be used in filmmaking in order to give it a fictional atmosphere and create credible characters. In his workshop he will be showing the possibility of creating virtual emotion in feature film through video art. He will show how it is possible to create a remarkably emotional narration through a virtual and pixelated film set.



Charles Weinstein- Acting
Sunday April 3rd 12:00- 13:00
Action Christine

Charles Weinstein is a New York City film director who has worked with a number of well-known actors, including Laura Linney “Love Actually”, Michael Imperioli “Sopranos” and Calista Flockhart “Ally McBeal”. He is currently with Film Acting Paris (FAP), which offers professional workshops in which he coaches aspiring actors on castings, screen tests, along with television and film roles. At FAP, guest film directors are invited to work with the actors, rehearsing in front of the camera with scenes from contemporary scripts. Weinstein has experience with teaching actors the basics on how to become a success in the film industry. Overall, he will be focusing on the different components of acting during his workshop.

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