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Le Relais de L’Entrecôte
Address : 101 Boulevard du Montparnasse 

If you love to eat well-cooked meat, you will really enjoy this perfect “wine and dine” restaurant. Enjoy a great steak with a wide selection of wine to choose from and be sure to taste their famous sauce!

Dietetic Shop
Address: 11 Rue Delambre 

Looking for a healthy meal? This is a small restaurant located in front of the backdoor of the cinema. Perfect for a light meal and a refreshing drink in a peaceful atmosphere.

La Coupole
Address : 102 Boulevard Montparnasse 

Enjoy an excellent collection of wine in one of the oldest brasseries in Paris. Come enjoy a beautiful décor full of history while enjoying a delicious meal.

Indiana Café
Address: 77 avenue du Maine
Tel: 01 43 22 50 46 

Great spot for an early drink, a bite to eat or just a place to grab an espresso on the go!

Korean Barbecue
Address: 22 Rue Delambre
Tel: 01 43 35 44 32 

This is a wonderful location for reasonably priced Korean restaurant. Come to discover the quality and the variety of this cuisine.

Address: 4 Rue Vavin
Tel : 01 42 22 66 86 

Here you can enjoy rich and creamy homemade Italian gelato. (2 rue de la Gaité)

Café L’Atelier
Address: 95 boulevard Montparnasse
Tel: 01 45 44 98 81 

In the mood for happy hour? Enjoy a drink on the terrace and if you’re hungry grab a bite to eat as well.

Ti Jos
Address: 30 Rue Delambre
Tel: 01 43 22 57 69 

Discover a traditional French crêperie. Order any kind of crêpe along with some cider in this cozy pub. Come in from 19-21 (7pm-9pm) for happy hour.

Born in Rome, Café Noisette
Address: 26 Rue Delambre
Tel : 01 43 20 64 49 

Enjoy some Italian and French cuisine with a wide variety of dishes ranging from cheeses to seafood and a good glass of wine for typical Parisian wine bar experience.

Shannon Pub
Address: 23 Rue Bréa
Tel: 01 43 26 34 70 

A pub that attracts a varied crowd any night of the week. You are bound to have a good time while meeting some cool people in this grungy little pub.


The Financier
Address : 15 Rue du Départ
Tel : 01 40 47 60 33 

In the mood for a cold beer? Stop by this typical English pub conveniently located in the heart of Montparnasse.

Au Gout du Jour
Address: 12 rue Beaugrenelle 15e arr.
Telephone: 01 45 71 68 36
Price: 2-3 meal course menu for 18-25 euros
Time: lunch and dinner Monday-Friday, dinner on Saturday
Directions: Metro stop Charles MichelThis local bistro has some of the best value dishes in town and changes its menu offerings based on the incoming local and seasonal produce.
Le Dome:
Address: 108 boulevard du Montparnasse 14 e arr.
Telephone: 01 43 35 25 81
Prices: starters (20 euro), main (40 euro)
Times: lunch and dinner until 11:30 pm daily
Directions: Metro stop VavinLe Dome is a monumental place for a meal service of the formal white-tablecloth, bow-tied waiter and a 1930s art deco atmosphere. Opt for the impressive shellfish platter with fresh oysters, king prawns, crab claws and follow is with a creamy homemade millefeuille.

Boulevard Edgar Quinet Food Market
Address: boulevard Edgar Quinet 14e arr.
Time: 7am-2pm Wednesday and Saturday 

This open-air market is perfect for purchasing fresh produce for self-catering.


La Closerie des Lilas
Address: 171 boulevard du Montparnasse 6 e arr.
Telephone: 01 40 51 34 50
Price: 20-40 euros
Time: lunch and dinner until 11:30 pm; brasserie from 12-1pm; piano bar from 11am-1am
Directions: Metro Stop Port RoyalThis restaurant used to be the hangout spot for famous writers and artists, such as Picasso, Apollinaire, Man Ray, Samuel Beckett, and Hemingway. It is a chic eatery split into a piano bar and more lovable (and affordable) brasserie.



Les Catacombs
1 ave Colonel Henri Roi-Tanguy 14th arr.
Telephone: 01-43-22-47-63
Price: 8 euros for adult, 4 euros for 14-25 years old
Times: 10am-5pm Tuesday – Sunday
Directions: Metro Denfert- Rochereau
Librairie Thierry Garnier
Address: 10 rue Stanislas
This library has a wide selection of books ranging in subjects pertaining to psychology and behavioral sciences. Have an interest in the field pop by and browse through their selection.
Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain
Address: 261 boulevard Raspail 14e arr.
Telephone: 01 42 18 56 50
Price: 7.50 euro for adult, 5 euro for 11-26 years old
Time: 11am-10pm Tuesday, 11am-8pm Monday, Wednesday-Sunday
Directions: Metro stop Raspail 

Designed by Jean Nouvel, this contemporary building is a work of art and hosts temporary exhibits on comtemporary art from the 1980s-present day. The art pieces range from paintings to photography to video to fashion.

Musee du Montparnasse:
Address: 21 ave du Maine 15e arr.
Telephone: 01 42 22 91 96
Price: 5 euros for adults, 4 euros for 12-18 year olds
Time: 12:30-7pm Tuesday – Sunday
Directions: Metro stop Montparnasse-Bienvenue 

Housed in the Russian cubitst artist Marie Vassilieff until 1957, this museum does not have a permanent collection and rather recalls the great role Montparnasse played during various artistic periods of the 20th century.

Tour Montparnasse

Address: rue de l’Arrivee 15e arr.

Telephone: 01 45 38 52 56

Price: 11/ 8/ 4.70 euro for adult/ student/ child

Time: 9:30am-11:30 pm daily

Directions: Metro stop Montparnasse-Bienvenue

The tower is 210 meters tall and is startlingly out of character from the rest of the Parisian style architecture. Besides housing over 5000 employees, the tower hosts exhibitions, multimedia terminals, and Paris’ highest café. The top floor leads up to an open terrace where you can overlook the entire city.



Dancing de la Coupole
Address: 102 boulevard du Montparnasse 14e arr.
Telephone: 01 43 27 56 00
Price: 10-12 euros
Time: 7pm-3am Tuesday and Friday, 8pm-3am on Saturday
Directions: Metro stop Vavin 

Above a restaurant of the same name, this dance club is a famous location to have a wonderful salsa night and get lost in the Latin fever! The place also hosts zouk, reggae, funk and garage music events.

Le Petit Journal
Address: 71 boulevard Saint Michel or 13 rue du Commandant Rene Mouchotte (2 locations)
Telephone: 01 43 26 28 59
Price: 17-20 euros and 1 free drink (adult), 11-15 euros for students
Time: 6pm-2am Monday- Saturday
Directions: Metro stop Luxembourg (RER B) for the first location 

This café is known for its classic jazz concerts that kick off at 9:15 pm in the downstairs cellar and is reminiscent of 1950s St. Germain des Pres. The music ranges from Dixieland to vocals to big bands and swing sets. Monday-night jam sessions are free entry and dinner menus are available (although a bit pricey). It is the perfect place for an exciting and music oriented night out.

Le Redlight
Address: 34 rue du Depart 14e arr.
Telephone: 01 42 79 94 53
Price: 15-20 euros
Time: 11pm/ midnight to 5/6am Saturday and Sunday
Directions: Metro stop Montparnasse- Bienvenue 

This is an underground venue beneath the Tour Montparnasse is one of the best electro, house, and techno clubs in the city and is always packed with young dance-mad crowds well past the closing time. The hours vary on the soiree and often lead to French Kiss after parties at 6am.

Address: 7-9 rue de Pressense
Telephone: 01 45 40 07 50
Price (of food): 6-15 euros
Time: Lunch and dinner daily
Directions: Metro stop Pernety or Plaisance 

The service in this restaurant is fast and friendly- start with goat cheese marinated in nut oil or ravioli in chestnut cream or some traditional escargot. In addition, this dynamic cultural center is open to all ages and has live bands lined up in its tree-shrouded back garden. Reserve a table for Sunday brunch- definitely a fantastic place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Théatre de la Gaité Montparnasse
Address : 26 Rue de la Gaîté
Tel : 01 43 20 60 56 

Opened in 1868, this famous Parisian theater offers popular plays and one man shows.

Address: 20 Rue de la Gaîté
Tel : 01 43 27 24 24 

In the great neighborhood of Gaité Montparnasse, this mythical Music-Hall offers great shows.



Le Petit Bazar
Address: 128 av Emile Zola 15e arr.
Telephone: 01 76 90 73 17
Time: 1:15-6:15pm Monday, 10am-6:30pm Tuesday-Saturday
Directions: Metro stop Emile Zola 

This bazaar is a real neighborhood boutique with a environmentally conscious philosophy and a vast emporium of goodies for little children. You can find imaginative games, toys, clothes, bedroom furniture, school supplies, baby care products, and accessories. There are also music workshops for children under 5 years old and an herbal tea/ juice/ homemade cake corner for the adults. Whether you have a child with you or need a gift for a tot, this has it all.

Les Galeries Lafayette
Address: 22 rue du Départ 

Forgot something at home? This French shopping mall will allow you to find anything you need.

Address: 2 rue du Commerce 15e arrTime: 9am-10pm Monday-Saturday 

This is the perfect all-in-one supermarket that offers quick meals, groceries, clothes, make up, basic bath materials, and more.

And make sure to take the opportunity to walk around and explore the neighborhood if you can!

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